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From red-carpet styles to everyday looks. From the It girl to the girl next door. Hair has never ceased to be a thing of wonder for women all over. The symbol of strength, romance and mystery, how great hair feels and looks quite often indicate our physical and mental states. It’s no wonder why the term “bad hair day” or “good hair day” hits a note; after all, this is something everyone can relate to!

Understanding the importance of hair to a woman’s beauty, L’Oréal Paris, the leading treatment brand, has passionately studied, observed and understood hair for more than 40 years. To ensure you get what your hair needs most at any given time, L’Oréal Paris is constantly innovating and evolving to include not only cutting-edge new trends but also advanced technology in terms of styling and care. Through the decades, it is L’Oréal Paris’s mission to give women extraordinary beautiful hair through innovative formulations and ingredients that are the perfect solutions for every hair types. 

As a result, L’Oréal Paris reveals a wide range of home DIY treatments and haircare range that caters for different needs to offer results that are almost similar to what you would get from a salon. The existing range – Fall Repair 3X, Total Repair 5, Extraordinary Oil, Smooth-Intense, Re-Nutrition, Nutri Gloss Light and Color-Vive – covers all hair issues from damage to dullness, hair fall and even care for coloured hair. 

I was glad to be invited by Jess to join a Spa party at Scott Garden SOHO months ago. The girls had fun and pampering from head to toe.
First, we experience the mini facial before fo into the hair treatment using L’Oréal Paris products.

The hair spa was using the L’Oréal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H range. This new range offers smoothness that not only counters rebellious frizziness but leaves hair in a supple and lustrous state where it falls naturally and beautifully. 

Keratin-Smooth 72H targets the reasons why hair lacks smoothness in the first place – irregular fibre surface. This irregularity causes your hair cuticle’s layer to be disorganised, where it rises at the surface level producing an unruly, rough look. The lack of keratin – an essential component that keeps hair smooth – contributes to this roughness.
To address this, Keratin-Smooth 72H smoothens hair fibre by fibre so that hair fibre is unified along its entire length and perfectly smoothed from root to tip. An added bonus is that hair remains in this lustrous, salon-like smoothness that is silky soft up to 3 days!
The secret?
For the first time, L’Oréal Advanced Research introduces Micro-Keratin Technology in Keratin-Smooth 72H, a new technology used by professionals consisting of two amino acids and a specific polymer. This technology acts in a precise way to smoothen the surface of each hair fibre throughout the length to restore hair’s softness, fluidity and health without weighing it down.

Camellia Extract, to further soften hair.
Rich in oleic acids, the Camelia Extract selected by L’Oréal Laboratories for this new haircare range repairs hair with its hydrating and softening properties. Hair is not only smooth; it is soft and lustrous at the same time.

The range’s DIY treatments include:
Keratin-Smooth 72H 1 MINUTE Perfecting Mask
Recommended Retail Price: RM27.90 for 200ml
Highly concentrated in protective smoothing agents, this hair mask takes care of hair on three levels: It provides softness and suppleness; it intensely nourishes to aid detangling; it nourishes hair fibre and sheathes hair in a perfecting veil. After application, roll hair in a warm towel or tuck into a shower cap to help the product penetrate more easily. Rinse off with cold water to make hair shinier.

Keratin-Smooth 72H Frizz Eraser
Recommended Retail Price: RM34.90 for 100ml
L’Oréal Paris’s 1st spray with Micro-Keratin Technology to help boost hair and control frizz – fibre by fibre – without weighing it down. No oiliness, no greasiness, no heavy sensation. Just hair that is frizz-free, even in high humidity conditions. An effect that lasts up to 3 days!

The Keratin-Smooth 72H range also includes a shampoo and conditioner to help you get on the right track for a frizz-free hair routine. The shampoo is currently available for an introductory price of RM10.90 for 170ml and RM15.90 for 330ml.

Recommended Retail Price: RM39.90
L’Oréal Paris’s first-ever non-greasy luxurious hair oil that is formulated to give you soft, silky, healthy and extraordinary beautiful tresses! This range of rich yet light hair oil is formulated with a mix of active ingredients that consists of six floral oil extracts – lotus oil, chamomile oil, tiare flower oil, dog daisy oil, rose oil and linseed oil. Each oil provides hair with specific benefits to restore shine and vibrancy, and supply nutrients and intense nourishment.

Two formulas are available – Extraordinary Oil in gold for every hair type and Extraordinary Oil Color Enhancer in red to enhance the vibrancy of coloured hair. Both formulas can be used as a heat and UV protector, shine and curl enhancer, for frizz control and as a touch-up product to keep hair neat and fresh. Use it before blow-drying, as a treatment mask and as a finishing touch. The luxurious hair oil’s woody, Oriental scent is also a delight for your senses where it will immediately provide a calming sensation when you apply it.

Forty years of hair innovation. Perfect DIY hair treatments for everyday hair problems.
The spa session ended with makeover. We enjoyed playing all the colors of L’Oréal Paris makeups. See, all the pretty ladies looked so happy after the Spa session.
Thank you Jess and L’Oréal Paris Malaysia for having us.

For more information about L’Oréal Paris, go to
Twitter @LOrealParisMy

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