Every Mattress Has A Story - #MYDunlopilloMoments

Just like many urban people, I am busy with work every day. As a full time working wife, and a mother of 2 girls, I found the best moments in my day was when I lying down on the bed; all thanks to the wise choice of chosen the perfect mattress and pillows for us – Dunlopillo.
I like to read a bedtime story to the girls before put them to sleep because. I also like to discuss matters with hubby on the bed because it’s the most intimate place where we are really open to each other.
Dunlopillo believes that a mattress is more than an object necessary for sleep. In the comfort of your mattress, you are free to experience and embrace your thoughts and emotions. More often than not, buying a mattress coincides with a new chapter in one’s life, symbolising the beginning of a new journey together. The mattress grows with the couple, whether it’s their first night as a married couple, having their first child, watching TV in bed with the kids, or even discussing serious matters, it all takes place in the sanctuary that is the mattress.
“We drew our inspiration from our brand essence, ‘Celebrating special moments’ which is reflected in our brand values of customer passion, lifestyle shaping, excellence and pioneering. Here at Dunlopillo, we believe that a mattress is more than just a place to sleep – it is an avenue for building intimate and special memories, and sharing hopes and dreams,” said Mr. Ignatio Pastor, VP of Dunlopillo Malaysia.
Dunlopillo has made it their mission to remind Malaysian couples the importance of expressing your love with their campaign titled, “Every Mattress Has A Story” and invites Malaysians to share their #MYDunlopilloMoments on the Dunlopillo Facebook page.

A good mattress and pillows will not improve your quality of sleep; it will also improve trust and relationship between a couples and their children.

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