Candle Pit Stop

Do you know what this is? 
It’s Candle Pit Stop’s very own Waxbitz which is totally eco-friendly and made from 100% vegetable wax. According to Candle Pit Stop, it burn well and safe with no chemical releasing.
They have 10 base colours and scents for customers to choose from, you could also mix them up to your liking till you've created that perfect scent and colour to suit your mood, event or theme!
It could be used for any occasions, any place and at any time! All you need is some heat proof container (For e.g. glass, ceramic bowl, or even a muffin tin) and creativity!
Mixing Waxbitz at Candle Pit Stop was a personal & fun experience.
While we were having the blogger event, a lot of shoppers stopped by to check it out what was it.

I like the cute packaging which looks like a packed pop-corn. The Waxbitz is selling at variables sizes from 50g to 500g.
Worry that you’re running out of wicks and wick holders? Don’t! They are selling the wicks and wick holders separately at affordable prices.
Candle Pit Stop is located at IPC Shopping Centre

Ground Floor, Lot G27
No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan 
Tel: +6-017-2626697

Come February 14th 2015, Candle Pit Stop will be at the SCORE CUPID DASH RUN held at Kepong Metropolitan Park. They will be showcasing their products in the constructed LOVERs BRIDGE which is very romantic. Runner will walk thru the bridge with their scents, and imagine the light it will create. Samples of WAXBITZ will also be given out free. And they will be having mobile CPS cart (a truly unique cart ;) will be revealed). On top of that, Candle Pit Stop will be creating a special scent for that event which you can guess on the SCORE CUPID DASH RUN FB, winners win a whopping free 500g jerry can of that scent.

For more information, go to;
Facebook page -

Instagram @candlepitstop

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