Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies, Smiles in every bite!

In one of the most delicious unions to hit the confectionery World, Julie’s Baked With Love cookies and Hershey’s iconic chocolates have come together to bring a whole new level of indulgence to the Asian market.

Perfect Food Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Julie’s) is the Malaysia leading cookie manufacturer and producer of Julie’s biscuits. It has been hand-picked by The Hershey Company (Hershey) for the new collaboration, which was launched in Malaysia in October 2014 before expanding across Asia.
During the blogger event at Dal.Komm Café Damansara Uptown that happened recently, we met the brilliant team of Perfect Food Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Julie’s).

Mr. Martin And, Director of Perfect Food Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd told us: “We are thrilled about our new partnership with Hershey. Both brands were built on the same ideals and values, and I believe it is this foundation which sealed our partnership. After many months of testing and preparations, we are only too excited to reveal the product of all that hard work – the new Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies. Our launch marks the successful beginning of Julie’s and Hershey’s exciting new venture.”

The 6 new variants of Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies including;

The signature Chocolate chip hazelnut cookies
Chocolate fudge cookies
Chocolate fudge Vanilla flavoured cookies

Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate waffles
Chocolate chip oat cookies

Each box of Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies weight from 120g, 135g to 170g depending on the flavours. The recommended selling price of RM 7.90 is a steal for me. I am proud to support this Made in Malaysia products, what about you?


Sherry said...

saw this.. no purchase to try yet

Anonymous said...

Bought some of their chocolate chip after reading some blogs raves about it. it is not cheap. Close to rm10. Taste is mediocre. Can't tell A different between this and Chipsmore. Another forgettable product. Meh

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