Shiseido Professional Spring/Summer 2014 'Color Me Knot'

Shiseido Professional unveiled its latest season trend, Color Me Knot together with its new styling must-have, the Stage Works Spiky Booster. Also present was special guest from the Beauty Creative Team in Japan, Yoshiyuki Takahashi who gave the members of the media an exclusive insight on how the looks of the season came about and the inspirations behind each look. He also highlighted the hottest international trends with an Asian twist here at Shiseido Malaysia office earlier on.
Mr. Yoshiyuki Takahashi with Color Me Knot models
Mr. Yoshiyuki Takahashi demonstrating the application of makeup to achieve the ‘Color Me Knot’ look.
This Spring/Summer 2014, Shiseido Professional had simplicity to take over as white and subtle attires dominate the runway. Hair-dos were focusing a lot on textures and shape, which creates a fun, edgy yet delicate look. 
The looks are further complimented with sophisticated hairstyles, focusing on the ‘Texture’ concept that can be achieved using the latest styling agent – Stage Works Spiky Booster and Stage Works Powder Shake.
Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster is the highest degree of hair setting capability that can create hairstyles without compromising the lightweight finishing. It can keep the hairstyle up and going all day long. Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster is retail at RM 60.
Shiseido Professional Stage Works Powder Shake is a revolutionary product stems from Shiseido’s advanced powder-based technology. Powder Shake is developed with the special Volume Making Powder or Silica an ultra-fine powder whereby the uneven surface of each particle makes individual hair stands latch together. This is what makes hair airy without any sticky or heavy feeling. Shiseido Professional Stage Works Powder Shake is retail at RM 88.
The products are available at all Shiseido Professional authorized salon. 
Sharing with you some styling tips using Stage Works Spiky Booster and Stage Works Powder Shake below.
Spring/Summer 2014 Ladies' Style: Nuanced Styling that plays with texture and shape
Spring/Summer 2014 Men' Style: Deep side parts and wet-look to express Male sensuality.

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