shu uemura lightbulb UV compact foundation & tint in gelato

I was invited to shu uemura training room few weeks ago to explore their newly launched lightbulb UV compact foundation & tint in gelato. As a supporter of shu uemura, I was thrilled to try their latest products because they always invented something cool and useful. 
In April 2014, shu uemura launched lightbulb UV compact foundation & tint in gelato.
The new smooth and creamy gelato-like formula, allows you to adjust the thickness of the layers and offer different finishes to complete your look. Indulge in a professional, intense dewy finish or feel pretty with a soft matte finish. tint in gelato encourages you to play with contrasting color for a beautifully customized look—and colors are designed to fit the skin tone.
tint in gelato is available in 12 gelato-inspired shades; all the shades are so intense and pretty.
tint in gelato presents an exquisite balance of smoothness, spreadability, and blendability to allow easy, controllable layering. Thin application results in a semi-matte look with a natural sheen finish, or use delicate layering for good color pay off.
It comes with Innovative special ring applicator. Perfect match of applicator, wiper, and formula combination is considered to be the key for smooth glide and good spreadability, and good color payoff.

How to use?

Blend with fingertips for a semi-matte finish for lips and cheeks or for a healthy look for cheeks.
shu uemura inspires you to achieve the new delicate glow with high coverage without powdery sensation in compact foundation to achieve flawless complexion.
After 8 years of research and development, shu uemura has again achieved the paradoxical benefits of uncompromised glow and coverage, this time in compact foundation, used together with a specially developed double-sided sponge that optimizes the basic functions of the foundation. With a simple and light stroke to ‘’polish up your glow,’ the unique combination of the formula and sponge brings a powderless sensation and a flawless complexion, together with SPF30 PA+++ UV protection. New legend of shu uemura’s compact foundation will embark—the lightbulb UV compact foundation. Formulated with the lightbulb™ oleo -technology and the lightbulb™ pearl, together with a shu uemura original double-sided polishing sponge created with 20 years of know-how, empowers you to polish up your glow for a flawless complexion without a powdery look.
With carefully selected skin-smooth fabric and a skin-soft sponge, shu uemura developed a breakthrough double-sided sponge which is the great match for the lightbulb UV compact foundation, enabling easy and quicker application by using each side of the sponge in a simple motion “glide and polish”. The soft and comfortable, easy-to-use skin-soft sponge makes it easier and faster to create buildable & controllable coverage and natural glow.
The made-in-Japan, skin-soft sponge is designed to take up just the right amount of powder so it can glide on smoothly and adhere well to skin. The reverse skin-smooth fabric side is designed to gently smooth the irregular surface of powders using a simple stroke for better light reflection.
How to apply?

The desired finish can be controlled by adjusting the amount of powder used to achieve a natural bare skin finish or high coverage to disguise skin imperfections.

The fine and soft touch of the powder glides smoothly over skin, covering imperfections, minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines, and smoothing unevenness on the skin surface. With the unique combination of the lightbulb formulation and the double-sided sponge, which makes it easier and quicker to create glow. A translucent, luminous and brighter complexion with a natural glow and no tell-tale powdery finish is now possible.

Lisa Yap, shu uemura Elite make up artist in Malaysia has shared us some tips on beautiful makeup that day. First, apply shu uemura UV under base to your whole face.
Then, apply tint in gelato on your cheeks with your fingertips, blend and tap outwards.
Next, apply lightbulb UV compact foundation by gliding over your whole face using the skin-soft sponge side. Then polish up your glow using the skin-smooth fabric side on cheeks, nose and forehead.
Apply your eye makeup, eye liner, mascara and fake eyelashes using shu uemura fake eyelash applicator.
Last but not least, glide on tint in gelato on your lips with the applicator. Tada, the full makeup is done in less than 15 minutes! It’s so simple and the makeup is so nice.
I’m using shu uemura lightbulb UV compact foundation (764 medium light beige) & tint in gelato (AT02) in this picture, and of course I followed Lisa’s steps to achieve this look. 
shu uemura lightbulb UV compact foundation is my best daily foundation now because it polish up my glow, and gives me a powderless sensation plus flawless complexion like a natural skin. tint in gelato is another must have because it gives me soft flushed cheeks and dewy stained lips, all in one product! Talking about economy and efficiency yeah.  ;)

shu uemura lightbulb UV compact foundation & tint in gelato are already available at shu uemura outlets.

shu uemura lightbulb UV compact foundation SPF 30 PA+++ comes in 16 shades. All shades are carefully selected by professionals for both Asian and Caucasian women’s skin. Available in Refill 12g + compact case + sponge. Shu uemura lightbulb UV compact foundation and sponge is retail at RM180.
tint in gelato is permanent product retail at RM 90 each.  (*except for AT04 & BG01 which are Limited Edition)

For more information of shu uemura, go to or follow them on twitter @MyShuUemura.


CelesteChoo said...

The UV compact foundation looks interesting. Wide range of shades to choose from, too!

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi Celeste, yes the shades are really a lot for a compact foundation. It suits most of the ladies, I like the fine powder so so much! :)

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