Review: Melvita NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Eye Contour Serum

Leading French organic skincare brand, Melvita has drawn on the complex of four intelligent white flowers from its NECTAR BRIGHT® range to concoct its new Brightening Eye Contour Serum. These flowers, work simultaneously with Cornflower floral water and aqueous extract of chorella can fight puffiness, dark eye circles and effectively restore radiance to the skin and luminosity to the eyes.
NECTAR BRIGHT® organic brightening skincare range is certified by both ECOCERT & BIOCERT and was developed around the synergy of five “intelligent” white flowers which possess powerful brightening properties to CORRECT, PREVENT and PROTECT, even before the formation of dark spots within your skin. 
The range comprises of a brightening essence, brightening cream, brightening exfoliation mask & UV Shield SPF15 and not forgetting – the NEW Brightening Eye Contour Serum! This year, Melvita also proudly presents a new brightening duo for the eyes and face, comprises of both brightening eye contour serum and brightening essence to restore your healthy glow!
Do you know what causes Dark Circles?
Whether it’s pollution, poor diet, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle practice or lack of a good night’s sleep and sun protection, all these factors not only contribute to dark spots, pigmentation, skin dullness but also makes your fragile eye contour areas become "congested".

Water builds up in tissues, resulting in puffiness (except in the case of hereditary puffiness, due to fat deposits). Blood and lymphatic vessels are finer here and very close to the skin surface and so when the walls of these vessels are damaged (due to fatigue or genetic factors) its pigments accentuating the shadows under the eyes and it causes dark eye circles.

Now, we could say bye-bye to Dark circles by;

STEP 1:    Nectar Bright® Brightening Eye Contour Serum    (RM170, 15ml)
Reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness. The eyes look beautifully bright. The complex of four white flowers correct existing dark spots & regulates melanin production whilst organic Cornflower floral water and aqueous extract of chlorella boost the circulation of water and blood in the fragile eye area. The appearance of signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness is reduced. This serum has pearly pigments to illuminate the eye area by reflecting the light.  What’s best, it is also Fragrance-free!

99% of the total ingredients are from Natural Origin 
36% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming
I've been using Melvita NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Eye Contour Serum for a month. I like it's weightless formula which made it absorbed into skin easily. The dropper design has made it easy to dispense just the right amount of serum each time.
It is rejuvenate to my eyes area, my dark circles is reduced significantly after continuity usage for a month at night. My eyes are brighter now, I don't need a concealer to cover my dark circles anymore, yay!
STEP 2: Nectar Bright® Brightening Essence     (RM230, 30ml)
The 5-flower complex of White Sea Lily, Narcissus, Bellis, Wintergreen & White Lupin combined with low molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and lactic acid complex helps to correct and fade away existing dark spots while protecting your skin against future hyperpigmentation. Arginine promotes cell renewal, while papaya, olive and lemon brightens intensely.  Skin becomes luminous and more even-toned.

Usage and Tips:
Release a small amount from the dropper of Organic Brightening Eye Contour Serum around the eye area using light, patting movements, follow with Organic Brightening Essence on the face and neck every morning and/or evening.

To boost the circulation of water and blood in the fragile eye area, Melvita has chosen two organic ingredients with complementary actions:
  • Cornflower floral water, to fight puffiness.
  • Aqueous extract of chlorella, a micro-alga rich in amino acids, oligopeptides and Vitamin B12, to invigorate the skin. Drainage is improved, the skin is firmer. Dark circles become less visible.  
To give more luminosity to the eye area, Melvita combined the brightening properties of lemon extract with a complex of four white flowers that can react to the light in specific ways in order to preserve their radiance. Thanks to these flowers, this eye serum is able to:

1.       Correct existing dark spots. Salicylic acid, obtained from wintergreen, has an exfoliating effect on the skin. In this formula, it is combined with white lupin, which stimulates cell renewal and reduces the level of melanin in the epidermis. Keratinocytes moving up to the surface of the stratum corneum thus contain less skin-darkening melanin. Dark spots appear reduced; the eye contour appears more luminous. The skin is clearer.
2.       Regulate melanin production. Narcissus reduces the proliferation of melanocytes and the synthesis of melanin. Bellis regulates UV-induced melanogenesis. The skin is brighter and radiant.

To give a final touch to this "miraculous" eye serum, Melvita added some pearly pigments. By reflecting the light, they illuminate the eye area.

Enhance the efficacy of the new Nectar Bright skin-brightening formulas when you use them
together with MELVITA Nectar Bright skincare products and achieve skin that is evenly-toned, luminous and radiant, the ORGANIC way!

You could refer to my previous post <HERE for details of the rest of Melvita NECTAR BRIGHT® range of products.

Melvita Boutiques are located at:
Suria KLCC C15B, Concourse Floor
1 Utama F141, 1st Floor
Mid Valley G-001A, Ground Floor

For more information, visit Melvita website at and follow their Facebook: page at Melvita Malaysia.

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