Urban Retreat Spa – The Best Prenatal Acu-Pressure Massage

If you’ve met me recently, you must have thought ‘oh gosh, this woman has putting on weight so much until her tummy has bloated up like a balloon, she must have lost control during the Holiday season!’ Right, In fact, I’m 26 weeks pregnant already! ^ ^

Lucky me, I have not suffered much from morning sickness, but I’m suffering back pain, hip aches and legs cramp during night time and it has affect my sleeping quality a lot.
One day, I found that loving touch is healing and soothing and can make my body feel wonderful from an online article, I quickly took up the offer for a maternity massage from Urban Retreat Spa.
Urban Retreat Spa has won several awards including Best Prenatal Acu-Pressure Massage from Harper’s Bazaar 2012. I've also heard a lot of raves about Urban Retreat Spa before.Hence I can't wait to enjoy my prenatal massage there.
Urban Retreat Spa using good quality Massage Oil and skin care products

Massaging the wrong areas or focusing on certain acupressure points may actually trigger uterine contractions in some women. Fortunately massage therapists trained in prenatal massage know exactly what areas to avoid and what areas to focus on to provide pregnant women the most benefits during a massage therapy session. Toward the end of your pregnancy you might consider a prenatal massage to relax you during labor or even help strengthen your contractions!
Foot wash area
I was offered a foot wash before entering the massage room
I was given a robe to change
natural massage bed

The Prenatal Acu-Pressure Massage was for a good measure, the masseur has great technique and used mild pressure, I like! I totally felt pampered and happier in my body & skin after the massage. There's nothing like having someone pamper you to make you feel like a queen for two hours. The best part is, my legs are not clamp at night anymore. Now I can sleep comfortably the whole night! Wee!
Urban Retreat Spa provide a comforting, yet stimulating atmosphere where one is able to relax both body and mind through massage. The staffs are friendly and polite, the whole atmosphere was very harmonic and it made me feel like my home.
Comfortable couch at the waiting area
I was treated a glass of warm ginger tea after my massage
All sort of magazines available at the lounge area

To all the expectant mother, Beauty is a state of grace, not a certain look, size, or weight. You're glowing, you're pregnant, and you're beautiful. Treat yourselves some pregnancy massage to feel pamper and relax is essential to enjoy the wonderful and happy pregnancy journey.

Note: Before signing up for a massage you might check in with your healthcare provider to be sure your doctor approves massage in your condition. It’s advisable to sign up the prenatal massage after your first trimester. Most physicians will gladly recommend a massage, but may recommend the massage therapist avoid massaging your lower back or abdomen.
Urban Retreat Spa has two outlets, The Curve and 1-Mont Kiara.

Visit their website for more details and contact http://www.urbanretreat-spa.com/
Urban Retreat Spa Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/urbanretreatspa
Urban Retreat Spa twitter: http://twitter.com/urbanretreatmy

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