Be the prettiest charm this Spring with LUNASOL 2013 Spring Makeup Collection

After 3 months of gloomy winter seasons, it’s now time to imagine a fluttering colorful butterfly. For this Spring, LUNASOL has completed colorful Purifying Makeup – inspired by the beautiful butterfly that captivate people’s hearts instantly.
Colorful flowers and cupcakes at the launch, pretty!

Upon applying the vibrant color that uplift your mood merely by looking at them, the skin will look more beautiful, your facial expressions will bloom and even your soul will feel purified.
LUNASOL Vivid Clear Eyes four-color eye shadow palette comes in 5 types, from Blue Green to Pink Beige. The main color has two colors, vivid and sheer. It let you play with them as you like, such as adjusting color nuance by blending both colors or using a single color as eyeliner. Clarity increases as the colors are layered, creating colorful, vibrant-looking and attractive eyes. You will definitely enjoy a sophisticated vivid colors created for sophisticated woman like you. RSP: RM 185

LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips has 5 limited bright and vibrant colors that announce the arrival of Spring. These 5 colors inspired by a colorful butterfly have a superb finish in which coloration and pearls are carefully adjusted and stays loner on the lips while provides a beautiful and lustrous finish, thanks to it’s beauty essence ingredients to maintain moisture. RSP: RM 104
LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips EX08 Shining Clear Pink
LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips EX09 Shiny Pink
LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips EX10 Pure Coral
LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips EX11 Red Beige
LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips EX12 Shiny Coral Pink

LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips offers 5 new color variations reminiscent of Spring. Need not to introduce further, LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips also contains beauty essence ingredients that continue to replenish lips with moisture, it glides with a smooth texture and provides a long-lasting beautiful and succulent finish as when first applied. RSP: RM 111

LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips 12 Light Coral Pink 
LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips 13 Light Pink
LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips 14 Beige Coral
LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips 15 Soft Beige
LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips 16 Beige Pink

LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips Swatches

LUNASOL Treatment Gloss is a serum-type lip gloss that adds a hint of color and creates succulent, plump and pure-looking lips. In addition to Water Keeping Complex, the lip gloss contains a generous amount of five botanical moisturizing ingredients. It thoroughly erases the vertical lines of the lips with a viscous texture to provide a plump, resilient lip texture. RSP: RM 80

I applied LUNASOL Treatment Gloss alone in this pic

LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks N comes with 3 types. With the new formula, it creates a natural, healthy-looking complexion by blending three colors together. Coloration and luster can be adjusted as desired depending on the balance of the color blend. RSP: RM 90
*LUNASOL Compact Case(Face) N is sold seperately.
LUNASOL Coloring Cheek N 01 Light Pink
LUNASOL Coloring Cheek N 02 Light Coral

LUNASOL Coloring Cheek N 03 Soft Beige Red

LUNASOL High Stylized Mascara SV is a new separating, volumizing mascara that gives added volume as well as a beautiful shape to eyelashes. LUNASOL High Stylized Mascara SV contains different kinds of wax, which adds volume while curling the lashes and coats every lash with the highly-combing effect bristles; as well as Smooth Finish Polymer that spread smoothly. RSP: RM 111
LUNASOL High Stylized Mascara SV 01 Clear Black
LUNASOL High Stylized Mascara SV EX01 Natural Brown

This Spring, LUNASOL also introduces 2 types of four-color compact for eyebrow with an added nuance color as well as three light and dark shades-including a light color that shapes the eyebrow. LUNASOL Brow Styling Compact N creates natural, three-dimensional eyebrows with depth by lightly applying a nuance color. Choose from Grayish Brown or Natural Brown. RSP: RM 138
LUNASOL Brow Styling Compact N BR03 Natural Brown
LUNASOL Brow Styling Compact N GB03 Grayish Brown
Lastly, finish your Spring look by applying LUNASOL Nail Finish N. There are 5 Limited edition colors created exclusively for Vivid Color Purification that could uplift your mood every time you see it. The nail color dries quickly with a smooth texture, and provides a long-lasting beautiful clear finish. Enjoy spring-like colors as if butterflies had landed on your fingertips. RSP: RM 56
LUNASOL Nail Finish N Swatches

During the launch, LUNASOL invited the professional makeup artist, Bong to demo the Spring 2013 Vivid Color Purification Makeup. Phoebe from Female magazine was the model of the day. 
First of all, we need to create a clean canvas to put on make-up, so LUNASOL smoothing makeup base was applied on the bare skin, from cheek throughout the contours of your face.

Then, apply the LUNASOL Control Base(comes in 2 tones – Glow for pinkish tone and Clear for yellow tone) and follow by the LUNASOL Under Eyes Concealer.

LUNASOL under eyes concealer can be apply on eyes to conceal dark eye circles as well as the corner of the mouth to conceal shadow and fine lines. It’s then time to apply LUNASOL Skin Modeling foundation on your face. A tips from Bong on how to select the foundation color? It’s easy, just try it on your jaw lines, and see which color matches best and look most natural on it.

Next, it’s time to prep your eye for beautiful eye shadow with LUNASOL eyelid base.

Bong has chosen the Blue Green Collection for Phoebe that day.
First, blend the highlight color on the entire eyelid using a fingertip. The apply the Nuance color over the eyelid. Layer the main color over the eyelid after blending with a brush to the desired level, then apply the shade color along the upper lash line as you draw a line, and then apply the highlight color under the eye(two-thirds of the way from the inner corner) and shade color under the eye(One-third of the way from outer corner). Then beautifying your eyes makeup with LUNASOL Mascara Base and LUNASOL high stylizes mascara SV in 01 clear black.
The next step is to draw your eye brow with LUNASOL Brow Styling Compact N. The LUNASOL Brow Styling Compact N comes with 2 small brushes for you to draw your eyebrow easily. Follow by applying LUNASOL eyebrow mascara for natural look. A tip to share here, choose the eyebrow compact and mascara color that matches your hair color for nicer and more natural look.

Now that your eye makeup is done, it’s time for the lips. First, define your lips by LUNASOL lip liner, then apply LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips and LUNASOL Full Glamour Liquid Lips on your lips. Within a minute, your pouts will look full and sexy.
Bong also introduces LUNASOL Shading Cheeks to apply on the face line and LUNASOL Illuminating highlight is another bonus to adds radiance to the skin through a combination of three different textures and creates soft three create three dimensionality on the facial features. Lastly, apply the LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks N in 03 Soft Beige Red to your cheeks. With that, a colorful yet sophisticated and mature look is created. Nice and pretty easy isn’t it?
Pretty Phoebe
Make use of LUNASOL Brushes for flawless makeup

I’m going to play with LUNASOL latest collection soon. Dear readers, stay tuned for my review and FOTD in my following post OK. ;) I know we all could be the prettiest charm this Spring with LUNASOL 2013 Spring Makeup Collection.

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