Discover Dimensional Color and Refined Luminosity with Maybelline New York Hyper Cosmos

No. 1 make-up brand in the world Maybelline New York is back with a new make-up revolution for eyes – the marbleized eyeshadow collection Hyper Cosmos that will take eyeshadow to a new color dimension!

Hyper Cosmos is a huge success in the US as the No.1 duo eyeshadow as well as having sold 860,000 units since its launch there, we Malaysians can now experience eyeshadow at its most refined, most luminous and most enchanting with Hyper Cosmos. Inspired by our galaxy and reminiscent of the solar system, Hyper Cosmos delivers multi-color and multi-effects with its swirl of pristine uncrushed pearls.
Hyper Cosmos is unique with it's technology, it's formulated from an elaborate blend of seven different uncrushed pearls with pure pigments to achieve a color effect that is outstanding for the most multi-dimensional finish. The uncrushed pearls and pure pigments combination undergoes a novel baking process that allows for an array of colors and pearl effect in a silky powdery finish duo eyeshadow.
Hyper Cosmos delivers two complementary shadows – a marbleized eyeshadow with prismatic pearls that offers an easy blending solution on eyes, and the other, a solid eyeshadow with color so intense and bold that only one swipe is needed to enhance eyes further. The two eyeshadows come together for the ultimate harmony of colors for outstanding make-up styles.
Using Hyper Cosmos to give you the most dynamic effect is so easy in two simple steps:
STEP 1: Apply the lighter shade all over lids using your finger.

STEP 2: Apply the darker shade closer to your lash line, giving your eye make-up a more intense look. Make it wider towards the outer rim of eyes and blend both shades for a seamless effect.

For an even more outstanding effect, make sure to pair Hyper Cosmos with Maybelline New York’s #1 liner Hyper Sharp Liner and #1 mascara Volum’ Express The Falsies™. With its 0.05mm point, Hyper Sharp Liner lets you create an ultra-exact and ultra-thin easily. Just line from your inner eye corner to the outer corner in one smooth sweep. Fill in gaps between lashes for a more precise coverage.

Then, apply Volum’ Express The Falsies™ for lashes that are fuller and two times more visible. Use the short bristled side of the patented Spoon Curler Brush to apply generously at the roots of your lashes. Then, turn the brush and use the long bristled side to coat lashes upwards and outwards. Press the brush’s flat side against lashes and voila! A beautiful false lash effect in seconds complete with the stunning Hyper Cosmos effect!

Also, creating different looks with Hyper Cosmos is easy, thanks to the many different application techniques and wide variety of beautiful shades.

Create a natural look by using a light marbleized shade all over lids. For a cute and girly look, opt for more shine intensity by applying a pinkish marbleized eyeshadow over your lids. Use both marbleized and solid shade for a trendy look, extending the eyeshadow on your lower lash line to give it a more chic finish, and for a dramatic look, increase the eyeshadow intensity by applying a darker solid shade closer to your lash line, extending over for a slight cat-eyed finish.

The colors are intense and the texture is silky smooth

I like the fact that the eyeshadow last a long time even without applying eye primer. It's very simple to use, and my eye makeup has never been so easy before. Eventhough it just took me a few minutes to finish my eye makeup, the result is beautiful and professional pearlescent effect! The best part is it's very affordable, at only RM 28.90 I could get the bold result, how cool is that.
Maybelline New York Hyper Cosmos duo eyeshadows are available in seven different shades, with the star shade being BU-1, a beautiful bluish and sandy combination.


Discover Hyper Cosmos and its marbleized effect for the most dynamic, full-dimensional color and refined luminosity. Eyes look out-of-this-world enchanting and beautiful!

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