Complete First Season of Hit Series “Lilyhammer” - Free on MAXMAN.TV

Don’t be left high and dry, waiting for another episode again

Creating television history in Malaysia yet again, MAXMAN TV is proud to be the first ever channel to bring to Malaysian audiences the entire first season of the highly talked about American-Norwegian television series Lilyhammer, rated the number one show on Netflix.

The series was made available on the internet TV channel early December 2012 and the entire first season of the series is available absolutely free of charge through the channel’s video-on-demand (VOD) service, which will enable viewers to watch it anytime, on any device.
According to Ahmad Izmir, CEO of MAXMAN TV’s parent company IZI Media, “The inclusion of Lilyhammer in our programming marks a double milestone for MAXMAN TV. Not only are we the first to bring the show to audiences in Malaysia, we also offer the entire first season in the VOD format, allowing viewers to watch the entire season as and when they please, absolutely free of charge. While other mainstream networks or stations may air the show too, they would only air one episode every week. We give viewers what they want when they want it and not making you wait. ”

The show, which provides an interesting spin on the mafia genre by turning it into a dark comedy, revolves around Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano (played by Steven Van Zandt of The Sopranos fame), a New York gangster and former underboss of New York’s Italian Mafia, trying to start a new life in Lillehammer, Norway.

This happens after he testifies in a trial in the United States and is placed in the witness protection program, when he requests the transfer to Lillehammer under a new identity - Norwegian-American immigrant Giovanni Henriksen.

He soon befriends a teacher named Sigrid and her son, Jonas, whom he spotted on his first train journey to Lillehammer. Their friendship develops and she becomes pregnant with twins after they spend the night together. Their relationship progresses throughout the series, but she is soon more and more intrigued by his secrets, shady deals and long work hours. Frank/Giovanni is using his old ruthless methods to get ahead in his new life, using blackmail, extortion and violence to get permits for opening his own bar, the Flamingo. Soon, the local police begin to grow suspicious of his activities, as he expands to take over Lillehammer's criminal underworld.

With the inclusion of Lilyhammer in an already testosterone-churning lineup of hit movies and television series, MAXMAN TV stays true to its commitment of being a digital entertainment platform, catering exclusively to the “manly” man – the first in ASEAN to do so.

Besides Lilyhammer, the medium features other raw, unfiltered award winning titles such as Borgia, Top Boy, The Take, Extreme Fighting Championship Africa (EFC) and WCG Ultimate Gamer. Users can watch the shows as many times as they want. All they need is a PC or MAC, or an Android device to watch the videos.

More information about Lilyhammer and MAXMAN TV can be obtained by logging onto the channel’s website at

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