NUXE: Beauty by Nature

Nature and Luxury (NATURE and LUXE in French) NUXE is a brand that believe in Beauty by Nature. Since its launch, NUXE has become the natural origin cosmetology brand that combines performance and pleasure, and one of the best-selling* brands in pharmacies and Para pharmacies in France.

Thanks to Sasa Malaysia, NUXE is now available in all Sasa Malaysia store.

"Passionate about the infinite power of plants and convinced from a very young age by my father, a research pharmacist, that the major therapeutic discoveries originate from the world of plants, I remembered 5 basic truths that inspire me every day in my beauty philosophy and guide me in continuing to build the NUXE brand:
  • Nature as my inspiration. As an inexhaustible source of effectiveness and creativity, it is key to my vision of cosmetics.

  • Innovation as a motor. Since its creation, NUXE has had its very own R&D laboratory. Today, there are 32 patents in submission and others are being studied.

  • Evaluation as standard. A product is only launched if its safety and effectiveness are proven through rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.

  • Accessibility as a major focus. The most effective treatments are not always the most expensive. I therefore strive to offer consumers high-performance products at the right price.

  • Sensoriality as a foundation. In order to blend effectiveness and regularity of use, I am very conscious of creating delightful textures, delicate fragrances and enchanting names.
                                                                                 -  ALIZA JABÈS & NUXE – CEO of NUXE

The launch event was unique and fun, all the Media and bloggers went through a blind tasting and testing under the relaxing environment at twentyone tables + terrace @ BSC.
We’ve tried NUXE famous product, Huile Prodigieuse® dry oil. I personally like this very much as Its 98.8% natural formula, enriched with Vitamin E and free of silicones, preservatives and mineral oils, is composed of six precious plant oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borrage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St.-John’s-Wort) to help nourish, repair and soften the skin.

The oil is fast absorbed and it’s so safe to use even on pregnant woman. The silicone-free dry oil texture leaves no greasy after feel on the skin – while leaving skin feeling incomparably soft.
In 1998, Huile Prodigieuse®, which had become a “cult” product, was launched in a Golden Shimmer version. The same effectiveness and pleasure, plus an immediate beautifying radiance effect. Thanks to the presence of fine pearly particles, the skin is adorned with a subtle iridescent finish for even more glamour.

With a new limited-edition dazzling attire! A chic, streamlined bottle in which the logo and brand are nestled in a heart to celebrate 20 years of love.

Huile Prodigieuse®, the Multi-purpose Dry Oil for Face, Body, Hair 100ml is retailing at RM148.

We’ve also tried the other NUXE another Star product, Botanic Milk Shake range which call Crème Fraîche® de Beauté. Crème Fraîche® de Beauté is suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin that moisturizes and soothes for 24 hours. Crème Fraîche® de Beauté has a daring whipped cream texture to arouse the senses, fresh and delicate fragrance.  
The NEW Crème Fraîche® de Beauté 2012 is more effective, thanks to it’s unique ingredients a "milkshake” of 8 plant milks and a new STAR active ingredient, Salicornia, which guarantees a moisturizing action for up to 24 hours, a smoothie of Almond and Orange White Flowers, Aloe Vera Sap and Allantoin combines powerful softening powers with a 24-hour soothing action for sensitive skin.

Crème Fraîche® de Beauté is selling at RM118 for 30ml Tube.

Last but not least, we have also tested the Rose cleansing range that’s for skin as soft as rose petals. Delicate, feminine and so effective, the Damascus Rose bursts into flower in the totally new NUXE skin cleansing/makeup remover line 100% sensitive skins.
The Damascus Rose, often called the “Queen of Flowers” is one of the oldest roses in the world.
Originally from the Orient, more precisely from the city of Damascus, this rose variety was brought back to the Occident during the Crusades. Now cultivated in the Dadès Valley in Morocco, it blossoms only once every year, from the end of May to the end of June.

To keep its fragrant and active molecules intact, its petals are carefully gathered by hand, one by one in the morning dew. Its molecules are extracted from the petals by hydro-distillation: its fragrant molecules are carried along with the oil (to become rose absolute), while the active molecules remain in the aqueous solution which is Rose Floral Water, a concentration of all the soothing and softening properties of the Damascus Rose NUXE has selected Damascus Rose Floral Water because it is particularly pure and contains a very high concentration of active molecules (flavonoids, carbohydrates, amino acids etc...) which give it its generous soothing and softening properties.
MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER perfectly clean and fresh skin in the wink of an eye. It can be used for Face, Eyes and Lips.
That little extra in the formula:
Coconut to gently remove every trace of make up. NUXE has selected micellar surfactants derived from Coconut, which guarantee both effective and ultra-soft cleansing of the face, eyes and lips.
Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid to limit dehydration. Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid acts like a 'sponge' by capturing water and keeping it on the surface of the skin. This is how it limits the dehydration and leaves the skin delicate and silky to the touch.
Pamper yourself
If they are a little puffy, put compresses soaked in Micellar Cleansing Water over the eyes for a couple of minutes. Then tap the area around the eyes very gently to make them look smooth again.

MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER available in 2 sizes, 100ml for RM68 and 200ml for RM88.

Not only did Sasa Malaysia brought in NUXE skin care, they have also brought in body care.

Don’t wait anymore since Sasa Malaysia is giving out Sasa Limited Edition Ang Paw Packets with any storewide purchase of RM 68 & above in a single receipt, and RM 10 Sasa voucher with any storewide purchase of RM 100 & above in a single receipt now, hurry up heads to Sasa store nearby to check out NUXE.

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more and more new product in the market...

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yeah we are spoilt with choices :)

Imemily said...

Damascus the rose in products...would like to try too

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yupe Emily, Damascus Rose is a hit now I guess :)

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