Tech Talent Development Programme by Strateq Group - Help to Further Propel Malaysia’s RM360 Bil ICT Industry

The renowned integrated enterprise solutions and services providerStrateq Group has launched a new Technology Talent Development Programme that looks to utilise a holistic industry and academic approach to ICT skills development with the aim of propelling Malaysia towards a knowledge-based economy driven by local talents that is less reliant on foreign skilled talent.

The Technology Talent Development Programme particularly takes aim at Malaysia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry which currently contributes approximately 23.2% to Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or equivalent to RM360 billion. While Malaysia boasts over 1.2 million ICT employees close to 200,000 are foreign employees representing some to RM18.65 billion loss in wages and a 5.2% loss in GDP.
Through the programme, Strateq is focused on helping the nation close this gap by building local talent within the sector. In rolling out the Programme, Strateq is collaborating with prominent partners from across the industrial, governance and academic spectrums. Amongst the collaborative partners are PETRONAS Digital Berhad, QSR Brands, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Human Resources Development Corporation (HRD Corp), Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and PIKOM. Besides, Strateq also envisioned to work with more local agencies as the programme grows and gain tractions.
Commenting on the announcement event at One World Hotel not long ago, Datuk Tan Seng Kit, Group Managing Director of Strateq Group said, “ICT is one of the main contributors to Malaysia’s economy and this will only increase as technology and digitalisation permeates every aspect of business and lives. To truly capitalise on this potential, we must address the talent gap within the industry – especially at a local level. Malaysia has immense potential to be unlocked, it simply would take the right effort from the right parties – this Technology Talent Development Programme is just that.”
“Through the Programme, we aim to identify future ICT needs for the industry, strategies for new and upcoming technologies in the market, develop tech talents according to these future tech needs and thereby reduce national dependency on foreign talent,” he added.
The Technology Talent Development Programme utilises a 4-step approach beginning with enabling to deploying then upgrading and finally enhancing. Specifically, the programme focuses on micro-credentials and job opportunities. Through this, the Programme aims to build a larger and more sustainable pool of local talent to reduce dependency on foreign talents and thereby enhance cost-saving and resource efficiency.

In the immediate term, the Programme is set to bridge the study/working environment gap through structured internship programmes. From there it looks to maximise the impact of new and existing workforce through training with an emphasis on reskilling, upskilling and multi-skilling talent. Finally, the Programme will endeavour to foster greater synergy between academia and the industry including longer-term updates to the university syllabus to reflect industry needs better.

The Programme is poised to roll out initiatives including collaborations in research projects, the development of a talent marketplace, sharing of knowledge, expertise and technology. It will also focus on the development of training modules, professional certificates and micro-credentials as well as student activities such as hackathons, industrial and academic seminars and industrial training for students.

Tied closely to this announcement, Strateq also unveiled the Strateq Global Delivery Centre which will focus on technical skills, process rigour, tools, methodologies, overall structure and strategies to seamlessly deliver IT-enabled services to global locations. The Centre will be located in Kuala Lumpur and looks to service local enterprises within the Southeast Asian market. The Centre looks to offer businesses cost savings, access to a larger resource pool, improved service quality and time zone coverage.

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