Triumph Spring / Summer 2023 (SS23) Collection - Flex Smart

Triumph is introducing its new Spring / Summer 2023 (SS23) collection, Flex Smart. Flex Smart is about you, an individual woman, a woman with your own thoughts, feelings, and daily needs. Celebrating each woman through versatility, choice, and freedom.
Flex Smart is a truly versatile hybrid style that works with your unique needs. This collection adapts for you as your body and your life change.
This range focuses on comfort, with a bandeau top that moves with your body. A piece that you can wear under your clothes or as a top just on its own, however, you would like it. Made to flex in harmony with your body, you can wear it with straps or without. This multifunctional bra is made with soft stretch fabric so it doesn’t hinder you in whatever you are taking on in your day. This collection also includes an ergonomically designed High Leg Brief, which is soft and lightweight and flatters your natural curves.

Whatever stage of life you’re going through, Flex Smart is there to support you on your journey. Whether you feel free and loud or whether you feel overwhelmed, Triumph has created this range to be there for you as your feelings and body change.
Flex Smart is asking the question ‘How do you feel?’ A question that is often hard to answer, a question that has no right answer. It’s complex and each woman has their own authentic interpretation of it. Triumph is here to listen.
Natasha Mooy, Triumph’s Senior Marketing Manager for Malaysia and Singapore says, “We recognise the way each and every woman feel on any given day is just as unique and personal as her individuality. We also understand that, while gender roles and norms have evolved, the spaces and opportunities for women to speak their minds and express their personal feelings, especially in our society, remain limited. Through our Flex Smart SS23 campaign, we hope we will be opening the floor to women everywhere – to speak openly, honestly, truthfully – about how they truly feel.”

Triumph is also excited to announce its collaboration with WILDEHOUSE for SS23. Like Triumph, WILDEHOUSE focuses on individuality. Not only is it flattering, it is also designed to enable you to wear the collection wherever you would like. You can wear these colourful and bold pieces at home, or even on the street. This collection is inclusive and made to flatter all silhouettes without boundaries. Introducing a new interpretation of style with graphics and bold colour combinations.

Flex Smart is a collection that does not compromise on comfort. It is a collection that is made to enable each individual woman and whatever stage of life she is in. Celebrating authenticity and allowing each woman to be heard.

The Triumph Flex Smart SS23 collection starts at RM89.90. View the full range at or drop by a Triumph store near you for a fitting today.

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