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Canton Kitchen is my family’s favourite Cantonese restaurant. Originating from Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Canton Kitchen has been serving authentic Cantonese food with reasonable prices since 1988.
I am glad to find out that Canton Kitchen is now serving authentic Cantonese style dim sum too! My family and I had a great dining experience at Canton Kitchen Happy Garden enjoying their dim sum last week.
Canton Kitchen Happy Garden has a huge and clean interior, with private rooms available. Their dim sum menu offers an extensive spread of dim sum.
We have tried plenty of their Cantonese style dim sum below;

Osmanthus honey tomato
Juicy, sweet-sour taste of the osmanthus honey tomato makes it a great appetizer to start the dim-sum with.

Smoked duck roll
Crispy crust bursting with smoky flavour tender duck meat.

Sesame siew bao
We like the sesame siew bao that is crispy outside and juicy inside.

Shrimp siew mai
A must order for dim sum lovers.

Bacon roll
Delicious bacon especially when dipping it with the chili sauce.

Chicken claw
Fermented black bean sauce chicken claws with a hint of spiciness.

XL fish ball
Gigantic fish balls that taste fresh and juicy.

3 treasures
The 3 treasures yong tau fu is flavourful.

Childhood pan fried egg
A taste that reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking.

Fish head with chopped chili
Steamed carp fish head topped with plenty of chopped chilli & chili gravy.

Meat ball porridge
Huge portion that the whole family can share it with.

Soy sauce chicken
A classic Cantonese dish loved by many.

Golden sand custard cake
Don’t be fooled by its presentation. The custard cake taste so good by itself.

Glass noodle with black pepper prawn & meatballs
A very savoury black pepper flavoured glass noodle.

There are more variety available on their Cantonese Dim Sum menu. Do go and try it out yourselves.
Don’t forget to order their Nuo Mi Pu Erh tea that smells really good and tastes flagrantly with sticky rice flavour. The tea pairs really well with the Dim Sum.
Canton Kitchen’s Cantonese Style Dim Sum price starts from RM4.80 only, really value for money.

Available daily from 10:30am till 3:00pm(Mon-Fri) and from 9:30am till 3:00pm(Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)

Canton Kitchen outlets:
Sri Rampai | Happy Garden

For more information, visit Canton Kitchen’s Website:

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