Don't Miss Out The First Social Function of Web 3 Enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur on 13 May 2023

Calling all WEB3 enthusiasts, the OffChain community is co-hosting the Web3 Gathering with CoinW in Kuala Lumpur next Saturday, 13th May 2023. Happening at the CoinW Malaysia Web3 Trader Function at Pavilion Embassy, Jalan Ampang.
You won't want to miss this event that serves a platform for WEB3 enthusiasts alike to network and discuss WEB3 investment.

OffChain x CoinW Web3 Gathering in Kuala Lumpur

Date: Saturday, 13th May 2023
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Venue: CoinW Malaysia Web3 Trader Function at Pavilion Embassy
8-23A-02 G-Vestor Tower, Pavilion Embassy, 200 Jalan Ampang 50450

Main event agenda including below;
  • CoinW Games and lucky draws
  • WEB3 panel discussion
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Introduction of various CoinW programmes to assist WEB3 development
  • Networking session
  • CoinW brand soft launch
To attend the event, you can look for Wilson Tay, a founder of OffChain Kuala Lumpur, when you arrive:

Meanwhile, do join the OffChain Kuala Lumpur Telegram Group to stay in touch:

For more details on OffChain Global Community, please visit
About CoinW

In 2017, a group of young Bitcoin believers gathered, they wanted to change the world through the blockchain, and CoinW was born.

Now, five years have passed.

CoinW has become the world's leading comprehensive crypto asset trading platform, providing a one-stop digital asset service portal for 220 million crypto currency users around the world.

Platform Principle

Since its establishment, CoinW has been adhering to the principle of "empowering blockchain technology and financial transformation" and "helping users to increase wealth", constantly optimizing its product line, making innovations and breakthroughs, and leading new trends in the crypto asset industry.

Our mission

CoinW commits to the mission of realizing global financial freedom and inclusiveness, leading the new trend of the crypto asset industry, and promoting blockchain technology and crypto assets to link the world and the future.

The world's new first-tier exchange

Innovative product ecology, globalized operation and aggregated traffic.

Legitimate and regulated

Global compliance and regulation, embracing supervision, holding multinational financial supervision licenses.

Five years of development in various jurisdictions, covering 200 countries and regions, 8 million users, commitment to the mission of achieving global financial freedom and inclusiveness.

Safe and reliable

The industry's top security and risk monitoring system, distributed system architecture, hot and cold wallets + multi-signature technology, five years 0 security issues.

World launchpad of high-quality projects

Strictly select popular projects to seize investment opportunities.

Supported crypto assets 1000+

Including popular projects in the global market, richness in cryptocurrencies, high-speed matching engine, NO.1 market depth among the entire network.

Global footprint to Realize Inclusive Finance

OTC transactions are convenient, fast and safe

Support 40+ fiat currencies transactions and credit card purchases, diversified deposit channels, one-stop trading transactions.

7*24H efficient customer service support

All-weather, full-time operation mode, answer relevant inquiries for you as soon as possible.

Cryptocurrency financial management

High-yield wealth management, flexible term, redemption at any time.

We always believe that blockchain technology will definitely make the world more transparent and fairer. Regardless of region, rich or poor, everyone should enjoy equal access to financial services. Therefore, in the past five years, we have continuously improved product innovation and improved user experience, so that our products can bring good changes to the lives of more people.

Contact us:-
Official website:
Twitter (English):
Application for listing (telegram): listing_coinw

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