Redefines Modern Living with Taiwan Excellence @ ARCHIDEX 2022

As a globally recognised mark of quality that has earned the trust of consumers and businesses around the world, Taiwan Excellence has once again leading Ten Taiwanese brands to participate in ARCHIDEX 2022 held in Kuala Lumpur Convention and Exhibition Centre.
From the 29th of June to 2nd of July 2022, Taiwan Excellence @ ARCHIDEX 2022 focuses on kitchen and sanitaryware, as well as environmentally friendly building material and equipment designed for modern living. Here, public can has an insights of featured products from ventilation fans, non-contact activation devices, energy and environmentally friendly devices, safety devices and other value-added products from Taiwan.
As we know, Taiwan Excellence is the trusted symbol known for representing the best products of Taiwan and every product that earned the mark had to undergo a stringent selection process that takes into account various parameters including branding, research & development, design, built quality, as well as sales and marketing. Taiwan Excellence frequently participates in exhibitions and business exchange programs in Malaysia and has always been well received by the market.
From Left: Ms Emory Hsu, International Sales Representative from YZTEK , Ms. Aqilah, Marketing Executive from CAESAR in Malaysia market, IDr Ooi Boon Seong, Deputy President of Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) ,Mr. James Chang(Director of Economic Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia), Dato’ Vincent Lim, President of C.I.S, Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar(Programme Director of EcoKnights), Puan Hidayah (SK Bukit Tadom School Principal), Mr. Victor (Business Development Manager from JUSTIME in Malaysia market

After a two-year hiatus following the pandemic lockdown, Taiwan Excellence is proud to be part of ARCHIDEX once again this year. Many of Taiwan’s best manufacturers have gathered in Malaysia under theme Modern Living Redefined to develop business opportunities with Malaysian counterparts.

Online and Offline Business Sharing

Taiwan Excellence Pavilion for ARCHIDEX 2022 is located at Hall 1, 1K160. The booth is designed to highlight multiple perspectives to create a lively and interactive atmosphere which subtly but clearly showcase the Taiwan Excellence award-winning products.
Mr. James Chang, Representative at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia

According to Mr. James Chang, the Representative at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, the event is co-organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), and the Plumbing Association of Taiwan. Taiwan is a global leader in water hardware with annual output value in excess of NT$50 billion (RM 7.5 billion), and the Dingfanpo area in Changhua is home to one of the leading supply chains in Taiwan. The industry has been actively upgrading its capability through intelligent manufacturing to further increase efficiency and improve product lines. Many of the tasteful designs, coupled with high-quality and innovative features, make Taiwan’s products very popular in the EU and American markets.

There are six manufacturers participating in the bathroom and kitchen fittings in this year’s exhibition, including YZTEK Co., with its e+AutOff stove management solution that can turn any stove into a smart stove that automatically turn off unattended stoves, Jye Li An Technology’s touch-free sensor flush kit that can convert a normal toilet into a hand-free sensor activated flush, Plainliv Taiwan’s modular water filtration system that features easy parts replacement to keep your drinking water system in top condition, JUSTIME two-handle wall-mounted basin faucet with stylish design to fit any modern bathroom, and Liang-Ping’s liner faucet that bring ergonomic design to the unassuming utility faucet to achieve quality of life improvements.
Deputy Minister of Works ,Yang Berhomat Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup visiting Taiwan Excellence
JUSTIME two-handle wall-mounted basin faucet with stylish design

On the other hand, the four environmentally friendly building material and equipment manufacturers are Hua Tsai Paints with its eco-friendly i-WaterProof liquid type additives, Sheng Yuan Electric with its omni-directional VIVI circulation fan, Jing Fa Aluminium with its European-style aluminium shutter projected-out window, and TRONCO Electric Machinery’s automatic swing door actuators.
Hua Tsai Paints' eco-friendly i-WaterProof liquid type additives

Left: Jye Li An Technology’s touch-free sensor flush kit
Right: Sheng Yuan Electric's omni-directional VIVI circulation fan

In addition to the live display, Taiwan Excellence has also invited IDr Ooi Boon Seong, Deputy President of the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID), to a dialogue with Taiwan manufacturers to discuss and analyse design concepts and philosophy from a professional perspective as well as talk about use of products in commercial applications.
If you can't make it to the physical event, don't worry. There will be two online product launches held on at on the 30th of June at 2pm and on the 1st of July at 11am. These two online events will touch on the product features and market experience and attendees include architects, designers, building material wholesalers, tools retailers, office equipment suppliers and other industry players.

ESG to Help Orang Asli

Taiwan Excellence is also taking the opportunity to highlight corporate ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) and is working with Malaysia’s local environmental protection group EcoKnights to revamp the school of the Orang Asli school in Bukit Tadom by applying HUA TSAI’s i-WaterProof liquid type additives, installing YZTEK’s e+AutOff kitchen safety device, JYE LI AN’s sensor flush kits; as well as JUSTIME’s three-stage hand shower. We hope the upgrading of Bukit Tadom school and its ecosystem can help improve the school environment to become more pleasant and comfortable for the students & teachers alike.

Johnson Chen, General Manager at Hua Tsai Paints, is pleased to see 15 gallons of his company’s Medusa i-WaterProof liquid type additives being used to improve rural schools. He added that an invention is only good when used for the betterment of humanity and seeing them in use for the Orang Asli is heartening. Tim Liu, Chief Operating Officer of YZTEK Co, who flew to Malaysia to participate in the exhibition expressed his delight to expand the ESG to improve the lives of Malaysians and hopes that the beneficiaries will enjoy the safety and convenience of their improved living spaces.

After visited the Taiwan Excellence @ ARCHIDEX 2022, I am truly impressed with the products showcased. The great design and functional products have indeed redefines the needs of modern living. Do come on over to check it out yourselves too.

For more details of Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in ARCHIDEX 2022, please visit the official Facebook page at:


Ezna Khalili said...

Taiwan ni barang dia bermutu juga. Prefer barangan buatan Taiwan lagu dari China sebab lebih bagus. Barangan made in china ni selalunya cepat rosak. Bukan semua tapi kebanyakkannya.

Fadima Mooneira said...

Yeah... products from Taiwan pun boley tahan hebat juga. Setanding dengan Japan and South Korea. Thank you for sharing.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Welcome back Taiwan Excellence, ARCHIDEC. I remembered attending it before covid - I'm sure it was a hit like it was before.

fafa (n_n) said...

Wahhhh banyak jugak ye jenama dari buatan taiwan. Kadang2 tak tengok jenama pon asalka. Kualiti nya setanding yang profesional

Tiara Sapphire said...

comelnya maskot dia :)
best juga guna produk dari Taiwan Excellence, nampak berkualiti yang penting eco-friendly.

仙妮 said...

Thanks for sharing this event, it's good to know about the eco friendly initiative of Taiwan Excellence & its future movements. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

Sis Lin said...

Bagus juga ni, sambil tu bantu Orang Asli.. di rumah pun i banyak guna made in Taiwan jer.. berkualiti..

Tekkaus said...

I have personally been to Taiwan Excellence for a few times and it is indeed a good place to discover new and wonderful inventions.

Tekkaus said...

I have personally been to Taiwan Excellence for a few times and it is indeed a good place to discover new and wonderful inventions.

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