Guardian Fun Run on 17 September 2022 at MAEPS

In conjunction with Guardian’s ‘Live Health Smart’ campaign to encourage healthy living through smart choices, Guardian Malaysia will culminate in a Guardian Fun Run on 17 September 2022 in Kuala Lumpur.
Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Msia & Brunei (middle), Fernando Gongora, Head of Health (right), and Joanna Soh, Fitness Guru at the launch of GUARDIAN FUN RUN 2022

Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Malaysia and Brunei, Southeast Asia Health and Beauty said: “The ‘Live Health Smart’ campaign which runs from 27 June to 31 July and the Guardian Fun Run are our responses to the findings of our Guardian National Health Survey that was conducted over the months of April and May 2022 to determine which and what aspects of health was important to them. 

She said, the key findings from the survey, showed that 74% of the respondent exercise to keep fit and stay healthy. They realized the importance of exercise since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. They also want to have a well-balanced lifestyle, eat nutritionally good food and supplements. And they said a good night’s sleep comes from good exercise.
Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Msia & Brunei (middle), Fernando Gongora, Head of Health (right), and Joanna Soh, Fitness Guru at the launch of GUARDIAN FUN RUN 2022

So, all our health-oriented activities are in keeping with Guardian’s vision and promise to help its customers lead healthy and beautiful lives, she added.

As the name suggests, the Guardian Fun Run, to be held at MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exhibition Park Serdang), Selangor, will be a fun-filled affair catering for everyone in the family, children included.
It promises a carnival-like atmosphere and will include Carnival Games, on-stage entertainment, free products to sample, food trucks, and a lucky draw with prizes up to RM10,000 to be won (only eligible for physical Run participants only).
Part of the proceeds from the registration fees will be donated to Suriana Welfare Society, a Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to helping children in B40 communities, towards the setup of their next Play and Learn Center in Balakong. There will be three categories of the run, namely, a 3km Family Run, a 5km Neon Run and a 5km Virtual Run which will enable our customers outside of the Klang Valley, to take part too. 

Registration is now open and early bird discounts are available for those who register from 27 June to 24 July 2022. From 25 July to 15 August 2022, tickets will be sold at RM60 for adults in the 5km Neon Run. To register, just scan the Guardian Fun Run QR code found in all Guardian’s social media platforms, websites, and online store, or download the ‘HEYJOM’ digital app on the Apple App Store to register.

Angela said: “We hope many Malaysians as well as fitness enthusiasts will sign up for our Guardian Fun Run. Bring your families along to make this event a memorable and happy one. Race Pack Collection has been scheduled for 10-11 September 2022 and all registered runners will get loads of goodies so sign up early.” “In addition, please watch out for Guardian’s special ‘Live Health Smart’ promotions in July for exceptional bargains for all your health essentials, in addition to health videos and health webinars on all Guardian social media platforms,” she added. 

For more information on the Guardian Fun Run, please go to the Guardian Facebook Event Page.

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