Calling All Durian Lovers to “Swish & Win” with Listerine® & Win RM10,000 Worth of Prizes Including a Durian Feast

Listerine® and Watsons invite you to enjoy your favourite durians while keeping your breath minty-fresh! From 31st May until 30th June 2022, join the “Swish & Win” contest and stand a chance at winning prizes worth a total of RM10,000, including a bountiful durian feast!

For many Malaysians, our “love language” lies in sharing a meal with friends and family. Many of our favourite foods like durians and garlic-laden dishes taste wonderful, but they also pack a pungent punch. What’s worse, if we’re eating out, the unpleasant lingering smell will stay trapped within our face masks after meals, which becomes incredibly uncomfortable.
People sometimes resort to brushing their teeth to clean their mouth, but not many are aware that brushing alone only cleanses 25%* of the mouth. This means that bacteria can still pool and grow in spaces between your teeth, the areas below the gum line, as well as on the tongue and cheek walls!
Experts advise to maintain a clean and healthy mouth, it’s important to practice a complete oral care routine. Brush, floss and swish with a mouthwash as the final step helps to reach areas where brushing normally miss. Listerine® provides 24-hour** protection against germs that cause plaque and gum problems, so that you no longer have to worry about bad breath, especially after consuming strong-tasting foods like durians.

All you need to do is swish your mouth with Listerine® for 30 seconds after brushing morning and night or after food to clean up to 99.9% of germs*** in the oral cavity.

“As a trusted brand backed by science with clinically proven results, we place great emphasis on motivating people to improve their oral health by incorporating Listerine® into their daily routine. Listerine® is clinically proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of oral germs*** to give your mouth a powerful defense against bad breath, plaque and gum problem-causing bacteria. As such, we are constantly innovating to deliver more solutions for various oral care needs, like the new botanically inspired flavor blends of Pomelo & Passion Fruit or Aloe & Cucumber, for consumers who prefer mild, fruity taste, or help to make life fresher in a more convenient way for everyone, like our new Cool Mint Pocketmist,” shared Stephen Tiu, Country Director, Consumer Health of Johnson and Johnson Malaysia and Singapore.

To complement your brush-floss-swish oral care routine or to have fresh breath anywhere you go, even after a strong-tasting meal out of your home, Listerine® Cool Mint Pocketmist (7.7ml, RM26.90) lets you enjoy fresher breath instantly! Exclusively available at Watsons, this pocket-sized oral spray is formulated with three essential oils: Menthol, Eucalyptol, and Thymol, for minty-fresh confidence all day long. No matter where you are, simply use it as needed to help freshen breath and kill bad breath germs!
“Swish & Win” with Listerine® X Watsons!

Now, here’s a chance to have both fresh breath and great prizes including a durian feast!

How to Join:

Step 1 – Purchase RM30 & above on Listerine® products in a single receipt at Watsons. (Online purchases are entitled to 2X entries!)
Step 2 – Answer a simple question: Listerine® kills up to 99.9% of germs*** for a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. (TRUE/FALSE)
Step 3 – WhatsApp your receipt with to 017-2529742 

^Terms and conditions apply to this contest mechanics.


● Grand Prize (2 winners)
◦ Durians worth RM1,500
◦ Johnson & Johnson hamper worth RM150
◦ Watsons gift card worth RM50

● Second Prize (3 winners)
◦ Durians worth RM800
◦ Johnson & Johnson hamper worth RM100
◦ Watsons gift card worth RM30

● Special Prize (200 winners) 
◦ Grab Food voucher worth RM20

For more information of the contest, go to Listerine’s official website or follow Listerine Malaysia on Facebook.

* Our teeth make up for 25% of the mouth. 
** Used twice daily after brushing. 
*** Germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gum problems.

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