Ready for a Sugar Rush? iQIYI Confirms Love the Way You Are For June 17 Global Launch & Releases 2022 Sweet On Collection Trailer

Fans of Chinese dramas can brace themselves for a massive sugar rush with Asia’s leading streaming platform iQIYI announcing the global launch of Love the Way You Are on June 17 alongside the release of its latest trailer for its exciting 2022 “Sweet On” slate. The 4-minute trailer offers a first look at five upcoming charming romantic c-dramas.

These upcoming titles will star 10 of the most popular Chinese stars - Angelababy杨颖, Lai Kuan Lin赖冠霖, Esther Yu虞书欣, Dylan Wang 王鹤棣, Hu Yi Tian 胡一天, Chen Yu Qi陈钰琪, Chen Zhe Yuan陈哲远, Shen Yue沈月, Yang Xuwen杨旭文 and Xiang Hanzhi向涵之.

This trailer offers a glimpse into the romantic chemistry between the stars, and is bound to leave audiences excited to catch them upon release.


The first part of the trailer highlights Angelababy and Wanna One’s Lai Kuan Lin in Love The Way You Are (爱情应该有的样子), a romantic tale about a boy Xu Guang Xi (played by Lai Kuan Lin), who aims to pursue Yin Ye (played by Angelababy), a woman who is seven years older than himself. We are treated to a series of sweet moments, such as Xu Guang Xi giving Yin Ye a piggyback, celebrating her birthday and sharing a kiss. We also see the two enjoying their time together on a swing, and playing video games with each other, finally walking hand-in-hand into the dark.
Will Xu Guang Xi succeed in pursuing the strong career woman Yin Ye? Stay tuned to Love The Way You Are and find out!

“You are as precious to me as my life. I promise you, I will never leave you,” the heartless demon lord Dong Fang Qing Cang (played by Dylan Wang) promises the young fairy Xiao Lan Hua (played by Esther Yu) in this trailer.

In Love Between Fairy And Devil (苍兰决), Xiao Lan Hua is reincarnated from an immortal tribe that had been vanquished by demon lord Dong Fang Qing Cang 10,000 years ago. She accidentally revives the defeated demon lord, who wants to sacrifice her immortal soul to release the curse placed upon him. Along the way, the two begin to fall in love as the heartless demon lord is gradually touched by the gentle and kind fairy.

In Mr. BAD (我的反派男友), novelist Nan Xing (played by Shen Yue) returns home to find Xiao Wu Di (played by Chen Zhe Yuan), the villain from her book, sitting on her couch. The latter is also devastated to find himself in a foreign world where he is powerless.

As Nan Xing helps Xiao adjust to his new life as a mortal in our world, the two end up in many fun and romantic situations, eventually sharing a kiss that audiences will no doubt be excited to witness.

Sci-fi romance series Love in Time (我的秘密室友) comes up next. A down-and-out lawyer (played by Yang Xuwen) retires to a mysterious apartment where meets a mysterious woman (played by Xiang Hanzhi).

The two embark on a secret love known only to both of them (and the audience), as we see snippets of their budding relationship, beginning with the two meeting and holding hands on the streets and in a skating rink, sharing a meal together, and enjoying a romantic moment on the roof.

Throughout their relationship, we see the male lead recording their precious moments on his phone to memorialise these important moments. How will this passionate romance end up? Stay tuned to find out!

“To me, whether I stay here or return to the past, it was worth it. Because after I met you, my life has had more purpose,” said Xiang Qinyu (played by Hu Yi Tian), in the segment for See You Again (超时空罗曼史), a romance series that transcends the boundaries of time.

In this series, Xiang Qinyu is an actor from the 1930s, who time travels to the modern era after he is shot on set. He meets screenwriter Jin Ayin (played by Chen Yu Qi) and the two begin a path to love.

In the trailer segment, we see older versions of the two leads walking towards each other on an aisle, stopping in front of each other as the scene transitions into an earlier time when they were younger. We witness one more scene of the couple looking at each other in the eyes on a train as Xiang takes Jin’s hand in his, and tells her “I love you”.

Leading the Chinese entertainment wave, iQIYI has produced romantic dramas that have become become cultural phenomena and stimulated Internet buzzwords such as “Sweet and Pampered” (甜宠), “Heart-Wrenching” (虐心), “Feeding Dog Food” (撒狗粮) and “CP Overdose” (嗑CP). Sweet On Theater is an original romantic drama collection of iQIYI and has garnered over 100 million global views since its launch in 2021.

2022’s “Sweet On” theatre integrates elements of Oriental mythology, light sci-fi, comedy, fantasy into its romance core, leading the sweet love to take off with imagination.

Sweet On dramas will be launched globally this year on iQIYI International ( and APPs) across 191 countries and regions.

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