Alam Flora's Cyber Eco Hunt 2022 @ Kuantan

Yo, Kuantan Mari! This year, I'm so honoured to join Cyber Eco Hunt 2022 organised by Alam Flora on Fri, 17 Jun 2022 at Kuantan. I have heard about Alam Flora's Cyber Eco Hunt since year 2018, and I am glad to be a part of this in this year 2022.
Let's see what we have done from 7am to 4pm in the Cyber Eco Hunt 2022 at Kuantan.
The event kicked off at Pantai Teluk Cempedak. After having a breakfast sponsored by McDonalds, we then started to work it out.
First, protect our environment better by imposing the correct garden waste management.

Nowadays many of us are into planting. But it is important for us to impose correct garden waste management too. First, tie the bamboo together, then put all leaves cutting into guli bag and tie properly. Place the garden waste beside the bin for Alam Flora to recycle them in a proper way.
Secondly, do you know when you're still sleeping, the dedicated staffs from Alarm Flora already started cleaning up the beach with Beach Comber. This is my first time seeing a beach comber, which is a specific machinery to clean the beach, keep it clean and safe for all the visitors.
Next, reduce, reuse and recycle according to category - Papers, plastic and others at Buy Back Centre Taman Gelora. Do you know you can get CASH when you recycle too! It's really worth to recycle, and get rewards.
At Taman Gelora, we also painted the recycled decoration and make our life more colorful. Happy and clean environment begins from us!
Our lunch was held at Taman Gelora. It's so fun and environmental friendly by using multi tier tiffin to take away our food. Forget about single-used plastic packaging and change to environmental friendly where we can reuse it ok. Bring Your Own Bag and Tiffin!

Most importantly, don't waste food! The food wastage will produce methane that contribute to global warming. Hence please do finish the food in your meal.
Last but not least, I'm happy to plant a Ulam Raja tree at the Buy Back Centre, Bandar Kuantan with my teammate - hudahalid. Let's plant more at our housing and neighbourhood area for a greener, sustainability environment! With more plants, it'll helps to reduce global warming. Make this World a better place to live.
Together, let's do our part for a cleaner, safer and sustainable environment.
Before we depart back to KL, there were the winners announcement held at Beanz & Co. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. It was a meaningful event and I can't wait to join the next event by Alam Flora.

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