Seemless, Reliable & Affordable Delivery with Setel Express

As an online small business owner, I truly understand that a seemless and reliable delivery is needed for best customer satisfaction and success in the Online business. Thanks to Setel, a wholly-owned corporate venture by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB), it has launched Setel Express – a latest feature on the app – that is set to take delivery into the next level of convenience on 25 Feb 2022.
This is truly an extraordinary services to all PETRONAS customers. As an in-app service for Setel customers, Setel Express offers customers to track their e-commerce deliveries pick up and drop off parcels at selected PETRONAS stations. Soon, they will be able to schedule returns seamlessly from anywhere. E-commerce merchants will benefit from offering Setel Express on their platforms as their customers will enjoy the features coupled with reliable and affordable next-day swift intra-city parcel delivery.
Faizal Sulaiman, Chief Executive Officer of Setel Express

During the Grand Launch event, Faizal Sulaiman, Chief Executive Officer of Setel Express, shared that, “Setel Express started as Logistika in September 2020 as a beta-tested delivery service within Klang Valley, riding the e-commerce wave during the early days of COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to keep to our next-day delivery promise and consistently received positive feedback from our merchants and their customers, and are now ready to scale this to the next level.”

Setel Express currently has intracity presence in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and delivers within Peninsular Malaysia with partners, leveraging on PETRONAS stations as hubs and pick up and drop off (PUDO) points. Through Setel Express, merchants can easily send their parcels via Door-to-Door, Point-to-Door, Door-to-Point, and Point-to-Point delivery methods throughout Peninsular Malaysia.
Mazlin Erawati Ab Manan, Chief Executive Officer of Setel

Mazlin Erawati Ab Manan, Chief Executive Officer of Setel, said, “The launch of Setel Express today marks an important milestone in the evolution and growth of the Setel ecosystem. It represents our commitment to providing unparalleled convenience, taking the same passion, ethos, and DNA of solving customer pain points and channeling it towards the next mobility challenge: delivering goods and services. We will offer the same seamless retail-on-the-go experience Setel customers are accustomed to at PETRONAS stations with deliveries without having to install another app.”
Azrul Osman Rani, PDB Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Azrul Osman Rani, PDB Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said, “This is indeed another example where our vast network and strategic locations of PETRONAS stations is an advantage. We welcome Setel Express as a new service that complements PDB’s agenda to grow our convenience business and promise in making customers’ lives simpler and better.”
I took the chance to look into Setel Express in Setel app. It is really easy to sign up our business in just 3 easy steps:
1. Register at
2. Set up your account.
3. Start Shipping!

Enter the code "SetelEarly" to enjoy 5 FREE Parcel deliveries on Setel Express. *t&c apply.
Now, let Setel Express to take care of our parcel while we can focus more on growing our business. Download Setel for FREE from Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei AppGallery now.
Meanwhile, Setel Express will continue to expand its merchant offerings via Setel’s ecosystem, including introducing the Premium Merchant feature within the Setel App. In the pipeline, customers will also be able to access Setel Express through the convenience of their Setel app, where they can manage their personal deliveries with similar options offered to merchants.

For more information on Setel Express, visit


halimah muhiden said...

Terbaik Petronas, dah ada app Setel Express snglah org ramai nak berurusan nti

Cik Min said...

Wah baru pulak ye. Moga berjalan lancar la setel express ni hendaknya

fareast said...

terbaik setel, tak sangka dah ada setel express sekarang ni.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

menarikla prog estel express ni... alternatif utk penghantaran baru.. nanti boleh try servis dia

Rawlins GLAM said...

Wow. An expansion of Setel. This is a good modul for any other services to keep on expanding as the public has become familiar with the service. Good job!

Kitkat Nelfei said...

Wow! Now Setel also ventures into delivery ya with their Setel Express. Good to have more platform like this giving a healthier competition to up the service quality and better offers for us that using it daily kan..

Sunshine Kelly said...

This new service is indeed a great help and convenience to business owners

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