Even & Luminous Skin with FILORGA SKIN-UNIFY Skincare Range

We women long for even and luminous skin because a dull and tired appearance even influences how old we appear to others. So, it’s unsurprising that more and more women are bothered by their uneven complexion. Many are preoccupied with pursuing the perfect complexion while radiance is the popular new anti-ageing defence!

Spotlight on… The 3 ASPECTS of a perfect complexion Even and luminous... our perception of a perfect complexion is a multifaceted concept based on 3 parameters:

1/ A complexion free from dark spots
Dark spots and pigmentation concerns are not only unsightly but can also ADD 10 YEARS (1) TO A WOMAN’S ACTUAL AGE!

2/ An even complexion free from colour imperfections
More and more women are seeking to camouflage redness and a yellow, grey or sallow complexion daily: 1 in 4 women would like to improve the evenness of their complexion.(2) 

3/ A radiant complexion
Restoring vibrant skin which captures and reflects light in all directions - the celebrated radiant complexion - has become a cross-generational pursuit: nearly half of women feel their skin lacks radiance.(3) What if skincare could now take inspiration from aesthetic medicine to even out the complexion, reveal its radiance and restore a youthful glow?
FILORGA has created the new SKIN-UNIFY range for all women who dream of restoring a perfect complexion. Its 3 products contain a unique triple action core formula inspired by 3 aesthetic medicine techniques [laser-peel-medical strobing] to restore incomparably even skin tone and a dazzling aura. To create it, FILORGA took advice from its committee of scientific experts and worked with Dr Frédéric Braccini, an aesthetic face surgeon and initiator of the medical strobing technique which inspired the range.

Let's achieve Even & Luminous Skin with FILORGA SKIN-UNIFY Skincare Range of products.

SKIN-UNIFY INTENSIVE The intensive anti-dark spot serum 30ML, RM356

This superhero formula contains a biomimetic peptide that mimics EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a polyphenol abundantly found in green tea, with potent antioxidant and anti-pollution power to block the effects of the toxins responsible for the onset of dark spots and a dull complexion.

In practice: Apply as part of your daily skincare routine, in the morning and evening, to the entire face, neck and décolleté.

Focus on sensory appeal: Its ultra-light texture melts into the skin upon application, leaving a silky finish.

SKIN-UNIFY The illuminating anti-dark spot cream 50ML, RM356

The SKIN-UNIFY cream’s formula incorporates optical soft-focus agents for a unifying effect from the first application.

In practice: Apply as part of your daily skincare routine, in the morning and evening, to the entire face, neck and décolleté.

Focus on sensory appeal: A lovely smooth and hydrating texture for incomparable comfort.

SKIN-UNIFY RADIANCE Perfecting radiance care 15ML, RM226

Part-skincare, part-highlighter, the SKIN-UNIFY RADIANCE hybrid formula is infused with iridescent pearlescent particles for instant radical radiance.

In practice: Use in the morning before make-up for a subtle touch of radiance or after make-up for a stronger effect.

Focus on sensory appeal: A fluid, easy-application texture whose pearlescent particles melt into the skin to reveal the light.

SKIN-UNIFY RADIANCE can also be used for touch-ups at any time of day. Apply as a cosmetic highlighter to the parts of the face that reflect the most light (cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, eyebrow arch, chin and bridge of the nose), then blend in using a finger.
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