Doors are Finally Open @ The Beaconhouse Pre-School Gamuda Gardens

Great news for the Gamuda Gardens neighbourhood, Beaconhouse Pre-School Gamuda Gardens has finally opened it's doors on the 23 Mar 2022. Congratulations to the latest and newest addition to The Beaconhouse Group network of schools in the Malaysian market that focuses on play-based learning.
This exciting partnership with Gamuda Land is a milestone move for The Beaconhouse Group, who unveiled their first-ever school within a township community. Commenting on this announcement, Alister Bartholomew, Regional Director of The Beaconhouse Group shared, “We are excited to be partnering with Gamuda Land because of our common goals in moving towards a more sustainable future for the next generation. At Beaconhouse, we place great emphasis in educating our students from a very young age about the importance of preserving the environment and we felt that this location was ideal because it showcases the green and sustainable qualities that are part of Gamuda Land’s DNA effectively and efficiently.”
Alister Bartholomew, Regional Director of The Beaconhouse Group and Larissa Chan, Executive Director, Gamuda Land officiating the event

“By thinking through the home place, the learning place, the park place and more; we put all these within easy reach and build towns that provide people with the means to connect with one another, with nature and with themselves. This is why we are pleased to welcome and provide students of Beaconhouse Pre-School to a conducive learning environment at Gamuda Gardens. Beaconhouse’s presence will not only benefit residents from our township but the surrounding communities as well,” said Larissa Chan, Executive Director, Gamuda Land.
The Beaconhouse Pre-School Gamuda Gardens is the first phase in building a school, which will eventually come with facilities such as a football pitch, swimming pool and basketball court in its second phase. One of the key benefits of the school is that the younger children would be able to benefit from complete facilities, such as sports centres, music rooms as well as dance and drama studios.
Alister and Larissa with the management team of The Beaconhouse Group and Gamuda Land

Aside from that, parents from the vicinity too will be able to benefit from this location because of its pedestrian-friendly, car-free streets and spaces for healthy alfresco community building that are perfect for their children. Students can look forward to being a part of GParks Rangers, a program which enlists children to actively promote good environmental practices via workshops and roadshows. Open for registration to children from 4 to 12 years old, registration can be done at GParks Nature School at Gamuda Gardens Waterfront Village.

Alister added, “The play-based learning was introduced here because we believe in the concept of playing to learn and learning to play. Research have proven that educational play is in fact a powerful vehicle of learning. Our primary goal is to provide a wide range of exciting, meaningful, and fun activities designed to celebrate early successes. Through this, we believe in supporting young children to progressively grow and develop in their formative years, where they experience rapid growth and important brain development.”
The Beaconhouse Pre-School Gamuda Gardens students in the classroom

“With this latest introduction and as Malaysia begins to transition into an endemic phase beginning 1 April 2022, studying from the classroom which has posed many challenges throughout the pandemic can start to become a reality again. Pre-school children can now have normalcy in their study routine and physical interactions with their peers, which are essential for early age development,” said Alister.
We took the opportunity to visit the school on the grand launch event. Located on top of a hill, we were impressed with the greenery, huge and clean compound. In fact, The Beaconhouse Pre-School Gamuda Gardens welcome parents to view their unique and supportive learning environment by offering free trial classes for the small ones to experience.

For further information on the Beaconhouse Group of Schools or Beaconhouse Pre-School Gamuda Gardens, please visit:

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