6 Reasons You Should Buy Car Extended Warranty

A car purchase can be a significant life event for anyone. Purchasing a car is no small investment. Therefore, it is essential to protect a vehicle, whether it is for yourself or your children. Most car owners know the term "extended warranty." But what does it mean for the owner? Does it make sense to pay for a car extended warranty on top of the bumper-to-bumper manufacturer's warranty? In the first place, a car extended warranty will stabilize costs associated with repairs, mechanical breakdowns, and you'll even be covered for unexpected emergencies. It is similar to purchasing life insurance for your car when purchasing an extended warranty. Here are six reasons why extended warranties make sense in the long run.
Extending The Manufacturer's Warranty To Cover Parts And Repairs

There can be a high cost of repairs on luxury vehicles such as Lexus, Bentley, Maserati, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Porsche. Even after your manufacturer's original warranty expires, significant repairs can be expensive. After just one major repair, you may be able to save a great deal of money with a car extended warranty. A factory warranty may cover only a limited number of repairs, incredibly if limited. You will save money in the long run by purchasing a car extended warranty, and you will know what is covered.

Peace Of Mind

Extended warranties are ideal for vehicle owners who would like the peace of mind while avoiding high repair costs if something goes wrong. You can't put a price on worry-free peace of mind. Fincrew extended warranty service contracts provide affordable rates and customized terms to help you drive with confidence.

You Can Save Money When You Buy A New Car

In the same way as life insurance, extended warranties increase the price as you use the car. A car extended warranty plan will cost less if you purchase it with your new car than if you decide to buy it after your factory warranty ends. The extended warranty you are buying for your new car is a better investment because your vehicle needs repairs over time.
Fix Your Vehicle At Your Preferred Licensed Auto Repair Shop

If your car is under a factory warranty, services and repairs will need to be performed by the manufacturer. A third-party contract allows you to choose the repair facility that offers certified repairs and parts. The convenience of this feature is vital for owners of luxury imported automobiles who do not have access to a convenient dealership.
Additional Value-added Services

A car extended warranty not only covers repairs and replacement parts after the factory warranty expires but also provides valuable roadside assistance. Fincrew can offer the following valuable additional services if you are unable to operate your vehicle or if you are stranded:
  • Providing lockout services
  • Providing fuel delivery services
  • Jump Start Service for Batteries
  • Repairing a flat tire
  • Winching or towing services
  • Raise The Resale Value Of Your Car
Assume you have driven your car for years and want to sell it before the car extended warranty expires. If you are reselling the vehicle, it still has a working car extended warranty can be helpful. In some cases, you can transfer your security to a new owner of your used car for a minimal charge if they decide to buy it. If the used vehicle is protected, the buyer will feel more confident about buying it. A more extended warranty adds value to your car, justifying a higher price.

Final Thought

Should you buy an extended warranty for your car? The extended warranty is an excellent option for buyers on a fixed budget, who wish to protect their investment, and who do not want to be surprised with unexpected costs later on in the vehicle's life. A warranty extension makes sense if you have any of these reasons in mind.

Different protection programs work for different situations, just like any other insurance type. With Fincrew car extended warranties, you can find a plan that fits your budget and situation.
If you're looking to buy a car or currently own one that isn't covered by a warranty, Fincrew can help.

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