(Review +15% Discount code [RANE]) Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones

My favourite earphones brand, Sudio Sweden has launched its brand new Nivå wireless earphones. As a music lover, I am so excited to give it a try.

Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones comes in 4 shades - white, black, pastel blue, pastel pink. I love all the colors available – white is pure and classic, black is cool and practicle, pastel blue is hip and calming while pastel pink is sweet and soft. It was a hard decision for us. If you have been following my social media, you will know that we have picked pastel pink in the end.
The Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones has a remarkably compact construction and portable charging case.
It is easy to pair my smartphone with Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones. Just follow the instruction below to enjoy music freely;

1. Go into your Bluetooth function through your device's Settings. Turn Bluetooth on. If Bluetooth is already on, be sure to “refresh” by turning the Bluetooth off and then back on again.
2. Hold the middle button of the earphones for 5-8 seconds. The first blue flash means that your earphones are now turned on. DO NOT LET GO and KEEP PRESSING the button. You will then see the red flash - this means the earphones are now ready to pair with your device.

3. In your Bluetooth settings, you will see "Sudio Nivå" listed - click connect.

4. Once connected, the earphones will flash blue every 8 seconds or so.

5. You can now use your earphones!

To turn off your earphones, hold the middle button for 3 seconds or so. It will flash red, this means the earphones are now turned off.

It took me less than a minute to connect my smartphone with Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones. I am happy that no more hassles of dealing with cords. Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones is the ideal earphones for me to listen to music when I work out and running.

It is so light and portable, made it convenient to bring along when travel. It sound absolutely excellent – balanced in every way.
There's a control button on both earbuds. I use the control button on the right earbud (main earbud) to play/pause and switch to taking calls all.
When you’re done, just pop the earphones back into the case. The charging case is round in shape and same color with the earphones. It look so sweet that some of my friends even thought it is a chocolate bar. It is so cool that the case is magnetite and hold the earbuds tightly inside. It will also automatically switches the earphones off for you. It provides up to 3-4 charges on the go so that 3.5 hours of playtime is extended to almost 17 hours.
As a Sudio Sweden earphones users, I know that Sudio earphones will last a lifetime. However, it still comes with a one year warranty, you will never regret getting it.

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SUDIO Sweden is having an exclusive promotion now that they give FREE Pack of 4 Swedish Design Coasters and FREE Delivery to Malaysia.

Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones is selling at RM 425. It is compatible with Android, iOS and has a built in microphone. Remember to use my special discount code RANE to get 15% discount on your purchases of Sudio products on www.sudio.com/my


Betty's Journey said...

So cute the pink earphone. Sudio Niva is a good brand. I owe one of it too.

cindyrina said...

omg! Yours come in sweet pink. It look lovely . I need this for my next travel soon.

cre8tone said...

wow! I just know they got pink colour one.. so nice leh.. I wanna hv one too!

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

The pink colour earphones are so cute!

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