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Our National Sports Day (Hari Sukan Negara) fell on the second Saturday of October each year. It is held in raising the awareness of the importance of shaping active and healthy individuals to aid in the development of a country.

In conjunction with National Sports Day 2018, Intermark Mall encourages shoppers to step up their health and fitness regimes, from a healthy dining on delicious guilt-free food, to sweating it out with super fun workouts and shopping great sporting deals.

I am honoured to be able to spend half a day to experience a healthy sporty day at Intermark Mall recently. With the other media representatives, we started the day right with a pre-workout juice to top up energy, vitamins and nutrients. Pick up a LifeJuice, bottled fruit and vegetable juices that are cold-pressed everyday, ensuring life-supporing nutrients are preserved.
Then, we picked up our sports attires at, the UK's largest sporting goods retailer. You can find many brands for a diversified range of sports and pursuits there. Whether it's a pair of trainers or mountain climbing gear, swimwear or sports socks, the one-stop centre has it all, coupled with regular deals and bargains.
Then, we gathered at the newly opened FlyProject for the fun fitness programme there. Aim to brings a fresh challenge to fitness enthusiasts, FlyProject is not just an ordinary gym, but an environment for people of all levels to achieve personal fitness goals alongside professional trainers. They are famous with Flycycle, the ultimate indoor cycling workout.

This time, we have tried the Evolvr workouts, a combination of strength training, functional cardio and conditioning drills that provides the ultimate workout that's fast, fun and never boring. We like the 30 minutes motivating, action-pack and dynamic full-body workouts. Combined with high-energy music and workout systems, guided by inspirational instructors, that's one of the best workout session I had thus far.
There's The Little Gym with 3-dimensional learning through unique parent/child classes, gymnastics, karate, dance and sports skills development for the little ones too.
After the intensive workout session, we refuel ourselves with a delicious dinner at Fat Cat located at the Food Hall. They have plenty of variety on the menu, from rice bowl to fusion ramen. We have ordered the Super Salmon Donburi (RM 23.90) for lunch that afternoon. The rice bowl taste delicious and the portion is really filling.
They even have churros and unique home made healthy ice cream in house.

Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Intermark Mall is indeed home to an array of well-appointed dining destinations and specialty retail stores with customized serves for the modern urbanite, offering a lifestyle shopping experience where convenience and recreation converge.

For more information on Intermark Mall, visit their Website | Facebook Page | Instagram

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