My Facelift Experience

In this modern age, women are encouraged to be independent without compromising on their beauty. As a mother to two lovely girls, wife, daughter, blogger and entrepreneur, I constantly search for the next best thing to make me look younger, presentable at work and be a role model to my girls in my daily life. I had tried dressing up, adopting youthful makeup techniques and even stepping up on my beauty regimen but still the signs of aging were obvious. Am I fighting a losing battle?

I am stepping into my 40s pretty soon, the lines, loss of volume and sagging of my face are starting to concern me. Not only do I not look great, but I do not feel my best as well. That’s when I realise having beautiful skin is essential to build my confidence in facing everyday challenges from work to relationships.

Hence, I made an appointment to visit Premier Clinic TTDI and was happy to have met Dr. Kee who gave me his professional advice on my skin. He addressed my concerns on the lines, loss of volume and sagging by recommending the Ultherapy treatment, fillers and a Pure Toxin*. He also assured me that the results would be really natural. Let’s do it, I say, because if not now, then when?

*A next generation, pure botulinum toxin, free from complexing or unnecessary proteins. Ask your doctor for more information.
The first treatment I had was Ultherapy on my whole face. I have heard about Ultherapy treatment, which stimulates the production of new collagen, allowing the skin to feel lifted and tighten over the next few months. Even though I felt anxious, I was excited to try this advance treatment myself.
I was led to the private treatment room where the assistant applied numbing cream all over my face and I waited for around 20 minutes. When the doctor came, seeing the jitteriness in me, he kept reassuring me about the procedure which allowed me to feel more comfortable and relaxed. I know I am in good hands.
Dr. Kee applied sonogram gel on my face before he used an Ultherapy wand. He would glide it all over my face, press firmly and zap my face with the device.
The ultrasound goes into the skin millimeter by millimeter. My skin had a warm and tingling sensation. The pain was tolerable as I only felt a jolt around my cheeks, jawline, eyebrow and eye area. The process took around an hour to complete.
Next, the assistant cleaned my face thoroughly before Dr. Kee made markings on my face for the next procedure, injectable fillers and Pure Toxin*. According to Dr. Kee, the fillers and botulinum toxin A can be used for treatments such as lip augmentation, smoothing wrinkles and lines and scar removal.

Dr. Kee injected the Belotero Volume into my temple and chin area, while Belotero Intense was injected into my front cheeks and Boletero Balance was injected under my eyes to reduce the tear trough.
For the cheek area, Dr. Kee injected Pure Toxin* around my eye areas to reduce the wrinkles.
It didn’t hurt much at all when the doctor pricked my skin with a needle during both filler and Pure Toxin* procedures. I didn’t suffer any bruising or swelling after the injections.

I like that the fillers work to reduce my frown lines, laugh lines and wrinkles. It also filled up my sunken skin at the side of the temples. The best part? The results are instant, no waiting time at all. I can still make facial expressions and went to an event right after the procedures. No one at the event even noticed I had just undergone the treatments.

I love the immediate results that not only addressed my skin aging concerns but also improved my overall appearance. My face is more v-shaped, younger and slimmer now! I am so happy that I finally have the face that I dreamed of and look younger than my age. Some people even thought that my younger girlfriend was my elder sister! Oops…
You can click to view the video above on my visit that day.

If you are interested to know more, search for authentic Ultherapy clinics at or visit ( ) or visit/message the Merz Aesthetic Malaysia’s Facebook page at


Betty's Journey said...

Can see visible result after the treatment. I feel pain when seeing the needle. I scare of needle.

Isabel said...

Don't dare to go for injections yet but ultherapy sounds interesting and painless can try can try

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

Visited their clinic a few years before.

ClaudineImelda said...

I don't think I would do this but thanks for sharing your experience. I believe it is really good for those who would like to!

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