5 Reasons Why My Kids Love Brushing Their Teeth

My girls have the sweetest smile with the cleanest teeth. I know many parents find it difficult to educate their kids to brush their teeth. Well, I am now telling you the 5 secrets that I do to my kids and make them falling in love to brush their teeth since young.
First, modelling good behaviour to your kids. Kid is like a plain paper, they always learn from the parents. Hence, parents need to show a good oral care routine and keep a good oral hygiene to their kids.
Two, give the kids a cute toothbrush. Darlie has launched their Jolly Junior Rilakkuma toothbrush that is soft and gentle on children's tooth. It has 0.01mm slim tip and soft bristles that could gently clean and care kids mouth. The toothbrush is printed with lovely Rilakkuma hence it easily attract the kids to use it.
Third, give them the Darlie Jolly Junior Kids Toothpaste. Available in two variants: namely Jolly Junior - Vanilla Flavour for Age 2-6 and Jolly Junior – Strawberry Flavour for Age 6-10. The Darlie Jolly Junior Kids Toothpaste contains food grade ingredients, has No added sugar and no animal originated ingredients are used, Formulation with Fluoride and Calcium that helps in anti-cavity, and comes in gel texture to attract the kids. It is easy to clean and care the kids tooth with Darlie Jolly Junior Kids Toothpaste.
^Over 90%(w/w) of ingredients in formula meet food grade standard

Most importantly, both Darlie Jolly Junior Kids Toothpaste and toothbrush has cute Rilakkuma printed on the packaging, which is truly loved by my girls.
Fourth, have fun time with Darlie Brush Up App. Created by Darlie and Rilakkuma, the‘Brush-Up’ APP is build for kids to make them enjoy brushing their teeth more, day and night, and for two minutes straight! Enjoy functions like the two-minute brushing game: Brushing teeth with Rilakkuma by your side, Rilakkuma Stickers: Kids are rewarded a sticker for completing their teeth-brushing each time, Brushing-In-Action Camera: Different brushing theme available and photos can be taken after teeth-brushing all in the app.
You could download the ‘Brush-Up’ APP at Google and Apple Store.

Last but not least, compliment the kids! Praise your kids when they brush their teeth correctly, especially when they do it with the correct strokes for 2 minutes.
Now, you have know the secret of getting the kids to brush happily, let the happy brushing begin!



rilakuma! oh my goodness!
no wonder your kids love brushing their teeth!

Emily said...

I'm sold on this junior range as well. Even adults are more keen to brush their teeth now!

Betty's Journey said...

The tooth paste so lovely . I think my god daughter will like it too. Will get one for her.

Sharon Lee said...

The packaging is just too cute to resist!! No wonder kids nowadays love brushing teeth now!

Sin Yee said...

That packaging is so cute! I also want to brush my teeth if I got one.. haha

Miera Nadhirah said...

Have to say I love the packaging... Rilakkuma is just adorable... no wonder the kids love it

Anonymous said...

Hahaha just like when i was a kid i love that kodomo brand cause it taste good also

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

It was great that your kids like to brush their teeth. Good habit.

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