Curél ‘Be Well 365. Ceramide Skincare’

Kao Japan is bringing Japan’s No.1 Brand for Sensitive Asian Skin, the Curél brand to Malaysia with the vision of providing safe and effective Sensitive skincare solutions for Malaysians. Launched in Japan in 1999, Curél is scientifically developed and is a culmination of years of extensive dermatological research clinically tested to suit Asian Skin. Kao Japan’s skincare research team paid particularly close attention to customers’ concerns over skin problems and discovered that dry and sensitive skin is caused by a lack of Ceramide.

Sensitive skin is a state of hyper-reactivity where the skin lacks sufficient Ceramide, resulting in skin problems and symptoms of discomfort such as roughness, dryness, irritation, itching and redness. Thus, it is important to provide moisturizing skin care which protects and replenishes the function of Ceramide. Sensitive skin troubles occur when skin becomes dry and stripped of its thin protective barrier. Curél discovered that dry and sensitive skin troubles amongst Malaysians have increased significantly1 and the many factors causing sensitive skin include pro-longed exposure to UV rays and bad weather conditions such as pollution. Even the use of unsuitable skincare products could aggravate sensitive skin woes. As such, skin affected by these external irritants cause problems such as tautness, redness, itchiness, allergies and skin peeling prone to itching and redness.
A highly anticipated brand under the Kao range, Curél offers a holistic range of products that combat sensitive skin problems at its root. Specially formulated and clinically proven to support dry and sensitive skin, Curél is also recommended for use on babies with dry and sensitive skin conditions. Curél’s efficacy is backed by over 30 years of R&D, researching more than 2,000 different formulas and 6,400 people with sensitive skin. The result is Curél’s breakthrough technology – the Advanced Intensive Moisture Ceramide Care technology.

Curél contains the essential ingredient – Ceramide-functioning ingredient, which is unique, dermatological formulated and clinically proven to be hydrating, penetrating and moisture-retaining for the skin. It not only helps improve low barrier conditions on the skin surface, but also targets the problem from within. 

Curél provides a comprehensive face to body range suitable for all skin types. The two range that comes highly recommended by Kao skin specialists are Intensive Moisture Care series and Sebum Trouble Care series. Curél is the solution to relieve irritation and helps hydrate skin while providing highly effective solutions to restore the structure of the skin. Apart from these, Curél has a UV Protection Essence to protect sensitive skin against UV damage while restoring Ceramide for healthier skin barrier.

1 Kao Global Benchmark survey 2011-2014

Curél is now available at selected Watson’s stores. The retail price of Curél products ranges from RM42.40 to RM111.30 with GST.

For more information, please visit Curél Facebook at or Kao Malaysia’s official Curél website at

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