Cost of Living – is it a Needs or Wants?

Have you ever calculated your cost of living? In this modern World, there are so many things we can buy from the shopping malls and even from home online. Do you always buy what you want and is all of them what you need?

For me, I would always ensure I buy something essential that I need, and I control myself when I see something nice to have but I don't really need. Simple because, wants may change over time, I might be regret the next day for spending something that I don't need.
Let me share with you some examples;

I need a pair of nice pants for working purposes.

I don't really need a nice dress for the latest fashion. I might probably wear it once or not even wearing it.

See, that's how I differentiates wants and needs. Sadly, I have many friends that shop because they see something nice. Over time, they have many debts from their credit cards, loans and it has eventually affected their financial status.
Thanks to KPDNKK, we can now check the latest price for essential items from their website and their app to become a smart consumer. For instance, KPDNKK has just announced the 16 controlled items for the coming Deepavali festival. From there, we consumer would know the price of the essential items for the festive.

With the habit of asking ourselves if something is a need or a want, we would eventually learn to set the spending priorities and save the money for things we really need.
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