Rilax Zzz Celebrates World Sleep Day 2015 + Giveaway!

Good morning peeps, it's World Sleep Day today. On Friday, March 13, 2015, World Sleep Day is celebrated all over the globe. This annual event is a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep.
Come celebrate World Sleep Day 2015 with Rilax Zzz and stand a chance to win a relaxing getaway to Redang Island for 4 people!
Sleep can often be the determining factor between

a lazy day and a productive day,

binge snacking and healthy eating, 

dangerous and safe driving, 

and often the key between a bad day and a good day in general!

Brought to you by Malaysia’s best-selling all-natural sleep supplement Rilax Zzz, join the #BadSleepGoodSleep social media contest in conjunction with World Sleep Day 2015 to help bring awareness to the importance of getting healthy sleep!
Simply post a picture of yourself on Instagram or Facebook with both hashtags #BadSleepGoodSleep and #RilaxZzz and show us what it means to you to get a good night’s sleep! Most creative entry will win a relaxing stay for four at Redang Pelangi!

Contest will be open to entries from Sunday, 1 March 2015 and close on Tuesday, 31 March 2015. For more information on the contest, go to

Taken an hour before bedtime, both natural ingredients in Rilax Zzz work synergistically to promote deeper, restful sleep by improving the quality and length of sleep. Rilax is suitable for those experience sleep problems due to stress, menopause, jet lag and shift work, and is also convenient to take on travels. It is safe, non-habit forming, have no side effects and does not cause grogginess when you wake up. 
In conjunction with World Sleep Day, Rilax Zzz 24 capsules pack now comes with FREE 6 capsules (worth RM23) and is available at major pharmacies nationwide and online on

Now, I am giving away 
10 packs of Rilax Zzz trial packs (pack of 6 capsules) to my readers. You just need to answer one question by commenting on this blog post to win. 

Why do you want to try Rilax Zzz?

Please leave your name, answer, and email address so that we could contact you for prize delivery yeah. 
Winners will be selected and announced once there are 10 winners.

I hope you have a good night sleep everyday, and Happy World Sleep Day 2015!

For more information, go to


Anonymous said...

I work long hours, sometimes my clinic can go upto 12 midnight. I need to be up the next day before the sun rises, and make sure the kids get to school on time. Hoping the Rilax zzz can give me quality sleep that allows we to keep going the next day !

meena suba

chichicho said...

I wish that on this day, ppl can make it officials to sleep in and be late to work...or skip work all together

Mak Lin said...

I want to try Rilax Zzz because as a mother of 2 wonderful baby boys, me keep waking up at night and even if they didn't wake up, I can hardly sleep. Hope this can be my sleep potion and help me.

Suzlin Azreena N.

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