New! Neutrax Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide

Did you notice the advertisement on TV and KL city signboards on Neutrax recently? Neutrax is a newly launched product and I had the privilege to know more about it at its blogger brunch event at Publika in early February 15.

You can watch Neutrax TVC on this youtube video

Before I tell you more about Neutrax, I am proud to tell you that Neutrax is proudly made in Malaysia by FELDA Wellness Corporation Sdn Bhd. It proves again that Malaysia Boleh, yay! FELDA Wellness Corporation Sdn Bhd(FWC) is a general wellness company developing super nutraceuticals using botanical plants from Malaysia’s vast bio-diversity. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of FELDA, one of the world’s largest palm-oil plantation company.
FWC aims to be the world’s leading ethical wellness company that will change the global wellness landscape through natural therapy. They have a mission to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, and live longer with innovative solutions made possible through proprietary technologies. FWC Research Laboratory is located in San Francisco, Melbourne, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur, and in collaboration with Neopeutics Inc. (USA), Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (Australia), Naerok Resources Ltd. (South Korea), MGRC Berhad (Malaysia).
During the launch, we were introduced the latest FWC products – Neutrax Original and Neutrax Therapy Oil.  Neutrax Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide is Neutrax is Nature’s Most Innovative Solution. It is a premium quality superfood like no other. It is made through FWC’s proprietary advanced microaerophilic fermentation process using carefully selected coconut milk that is ethically harvested at a specific maturity.
Neutrax contains extraordinary immune boosting lauric acid, found only in breastmilk, which is known to improve energy levels, boost immunity, regulate hormones, stabilise sugar levels, and boost the cellular healing process.

✓ 100% natural ✓ No chemical substance ✓ Researched in San Francisco, USA
Maybe you will think it is same as virgin coconut oil. In fact, they are different. Neutrax uses only Top-grade coconuts sourced from plantations away from the sea. Using FWC’s proprietary microaerophilic fermentation platform, the cultured coconut extract (CCE) is harvested. In a controlled environment, the CCE is further developed to cultivate the BioLipopeptide. Bio-Lipopeptide works by scanning the body for nutritional deficiencies or non-optimal cells.
Neutrax is proved with 5A benefits:
1)      Antimicrobial - Manage diabetes, kills candida fungus, curb infections.
2)      Antioxidant - Prevent Alzheimer, slows aging, promote cell regenerations.
3)      Anti-Inflammatory - Reduce and manage gout, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, diabetes.
4)      Active Lipid - Reduce bad cholesterol, reduce risk of heart disease, boost metabolism.
5)      Active Immunity - Manage asthma and severe eczema, speed up recovery process.
We have also seen the testimonials from their users’ feedback that Neutrax had helped them on Weight Management, High blood pressure, Anxiety Disorder, Stomach ulcers, Alzheimer, Diabetes, and Asthma. It sounds really convincing hence we had given the products a try. Read my next posts on my product reviews after using them for a month now.
For more information on Neutrax, go to;

Facebook page:
Call Customer Careline: 1-800-222-FWC (392)

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