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Like many girls, I like to take pictures and selfies every day. Thanks to my photographer hubby, I have a lot of beautiful pictures taken from all over the places. We always printed out the photos to keep at our coffee table so that we could see them whenever we want.

Back in those days, we always printed out the 4R photos at FotoZZoom Sri Gombak because it is near to our home. I guess most of the people in that area would know FotoZZoom since their service was pretty good and fast.
However, we no longer print out 4R photos but we always print out photo book since few years back because we found that Photo Book is nice and easier to keep. And hence we have not been to FotoZZoom for many years, but hey, I heard that they are having photo book printing services nowadays too.
Now, I have never made a photo book myself because it takes time and a lot of effort to create one. My hubby is the one who made a photo book and he always uses a few days to create one. When I heard that FotoZZoom photo book took only less than 15 minutes to complete, I was doubt and really wanted to give it a try. Hence I have tried it out last month to see if it’s really that cool.
To my surprise, the photo book ordering process was quite simple and straight forward.
First, logon to and select the design you like. There are plenty of designs to choose from, for example the love theme, children theme, travel theme, festive theme, wedding theme and many more.

Once you have decided the design you want, then you got to choose the photo book type, size and enter some album details. There are 2 photo book types – Simple and premium. 3 sizes for you to choose from – Mini (8x6 inches from RM 163), Standard (11x8 inches from RM 263) and XL (17x12 inches from RM 363).
After that you could start upload between 60 to 100 photos for the photobook. The upload process was pretty fast; my 60 pcs photos were uploaded completely within just a few minutes.
Then voila, you are done! Let the FotoZZoom in-house designer to do the designing work. We just need to complete the payment and wait for the order to arrive our doorstep within 4 to 6 business day. Isn’t it convenient and effective?
I also received emails from FotoZZoom about my Photo Book order and shipping status from time to time.
I quite like my FotoZZoom Photo Book as it consists of the memory of my 2014 Phuket honeymoon trip and some of the events I attended. FotoZZoom Photo Book service was really fast and hassle free. It is especially great for a person who doesn’t have design sense; we don’t need to crack our head to design a photo book anymore.
For more information on FotoZZoom Photo Book, feel free to check out their website at


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