Review: Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a must for me when I am going for important events because it could enhance my eyes to bigger and sharper eyes. I have tried out quite a lot of liquid eyeliners throughout these years. Recently I have tried a new brand in Malaysia - The Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner which I thought is quite good and happy to share with you.
Just some introduction to Mee Cosmetic since it is quite new to us in Malaysia. Mee Cosmetic is originated from Thailand, but their products are made in Korea. The Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner is one of the fast selling eyeliner in Thailand and Hong Kong now as it has won the CLEO Best Liquid Eyeliner 2014 Award. Sounds impressive isn't it? But what’s my say?
I like that Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner is easy to glide through to draw a perfect edge. It dries up pretty fast while the black color is really pigmented and long lasting. It stays on my slightly oily eyelid for a day without smudge.

Now you may scare the removal part because most of the waterproof eyeliner is hard to remove. Surprisingly Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner is easy to remove with my normal eye makeup remover. I would recommend you to try the Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner as it is affordable and functional well.

Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner is fairly priced at RM45.90. You could buy it from Essential Beauty House Facebook page at

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Sherry said...

nice eyeliner :D

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