For Natural Green Tea Freshness Breath Throughout The Day!

Improve oral health during Ramadan and Hari Raya Puasa with Listerine® Natural Green Tea mouthwash.

During the Ramadan month, fasting for long hours without food or drink can cause stale breath. Keep your breath fresh and prevent cavities throughout this period by gargling with Listerine® Natural Green Tea mouthwash before and after sahur. Listerine® Natural Green Tea mouthwash contains essential oils with proven antimicrobial effects, together with a double dose of fluoride to help ward off cavities.
Listerine® Natural Green Tea mouthwash is enriched with a mild green tea flavour and contains 2 times* more fluoride to protect teeth from cavities. Flouride is known to prevent tooth decay, while enhancing the resistance of enamel towards erosion (due to acid exposure such as consumption of high-sugar sweets or drinks). It also boosts re-mineralisation, and helps to kill the plaque bacteria that constantly form on the surface of our teeth.

The new flavour also contains all the oral goodness of green tea. Researchers have discovered green tea’s astounding ability to prevent cavities and dental damage. A powerful antioxidant called catechin inhibits bacterial activity, while tannin prevents plaque build-up.
In fact, recent studies have shown that 90% of Malaysians still suffer from tooth decay, even though they brush their teeth daily. Frequent sugar consumption and a carbohydrate-rich diet also contribute to tooth decay. However, that doesn’t mean you have to totally skip your favourite foods during Ramadan and Hari Raya Puasa. You can consume them in moderation, but do remember to rinse with mouthwash after brushing your teeth before and after sahur to remove traces of bacteria that might have been missed.

Listerine® Natural Green Tea mouthwash contains a combination of twice the amount of fluoride plus the natural goodness of green tea for a refreshing experience. The long-lasting effect helps breath stay fresh for hours,” says Vaibhav Saran, General Manager of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia & Singapore.
When it comes to making a good impression, actress and TV host Irma Hasmie is certain that having sweet-smelling breath comes in at number one. “Keeping my breath fresh is important, so I rinse with Listerine® twice a day and it helps to prevent cavities too. What I like most about this mouthwash is that it isn’t too minty or tingly, and the scent is extremely refreshing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my breath stayed fresh for hours after gargling!” she enthuses.

“It can be embarrassing if one has bad breath when talking. My first impression of Listerine® Natural Green Tea mouthwash was that it smelled very natural. I don’t mind using it after brushing my teeth or after meals during the day. After using Listerine®, I also feel more confident about myself,” she added.

Unleash your everyday best with Listerine®, the World’s #1** mouthwash brand. With better oral health, you can have fresher breath throughout the Ramadan month.

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