Achieve Flawless Radiance With The L’OCCITANE Iris Angelica Skin Perfecting Duo

Being a mother of two girls, with a permanent job and actively blogging; time is really precious to me. I always wish to leave home with flawless bare-faced, wearing only skincare and a bit of necessary sun protection however I am hesitate because I have uneven skin tone, visibly open pores and rough skin texture.
Are you ready to unveil the New Iris Angelica?

Last week, I found that L’OCCITANE has launched Iris Angelica, a brand-new skincare that’s specifically formulated to offer every woman the option of stepping out of the house without needing to enhance her complexion with makeup.
Iris Angelica contains a patented* combination of two slender flowers from France, each with an exceptional property: Angelica from the Drôme region – which is an expert in hydration, and Iris Florentina from the Hérault region – a precious ingredient known in pharmacology for its radiance-enhancing action.
After many months of research, the L’OCCITANE Laboratory was finally able to reveal the cosmetic properties of the active ingredients found in the iris. Organic extracts of the rizhomes of both the White Iris (Iris Florentina from the Hérault region) and Blue Iris (Iris Pallida from Italy) promote the epidermis’s cell renewal process, to visible reduce redness and help prevent the appearance of blemishes.

In 2010, L’OCCITANE discovered and patented* the combination of two extracts taken from the roots of Organic Angelica from the Drôme region.
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NEW! Sublime Essence (RM195, 30ml)

Correct skin irregularities and reduce redness instantly with this silicone-free, skin-perfecting serum. With its fresh, sheer texture, skin’s texture is visibly refined, and pores immediately appear tighter.

Enriched with extracts of Organic Angelica and Iris, the complexion looks more even and radiant, and skin feels velvety soft and moisturized. It enhances the natural beauty of all women’s skin by acting at the heart of epidermal cells.
 Sublime Essence texture is velvety smooth

I like that Sublime Essence is silicone-free. I apply it to my face and neck each morning after cleansing and toning, before the Sublime Beauty Cream.

Sublime Essence evens out skintone, reduces redness, refines skin texture, tightens pores, moisturizes and plumps, enhances radiance.

NEW! Sublime Beauty Cream (RM135, 40ml)

Enhance your skin tone naturally with this lightweight BB cream that leaves skin feeling smooth and supple. Not only does it visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes and plump up the skin, the Sublime Beauty Cream is also enriched with UV filters to provide SPF30 sun protection.

Whichever shade you choose, the effect is naturally flawless and radiant. A do-it-all BB Cream that cares, refines and protects for a flawless finish.
Sublime Beauty Cream is good to correct the flaws

Sublime Beauty Cream is available in 2 shades: Light and Medium.

I’d pat the Sublime Beauty Cream in Light shade gently after application of the Sublime Essence. The light texture glides on like a second skin. Sublime Beauty Cream enhances complexion’s radiance, evens out skin tone, reduces appearance of blemishes, plumps and softens skin, provides SPF30 sun protection. The best part is, my skin is not oily even after 8 hours application given that I’m having oily combination skin.
Immediate Result - Flawless and perfect skin is not a dream anymore!

I especially love the lovely scent of Sublime Essence and Sublime Beauty Cream. This nice scent makes me feel delighted and pampered the whole day.

Perfection is all about subtlety – L’OCCITANE Iris Angelica Sublime Essence and Sublime Beauty Cream lets your skin achieve a pearl-like glow, simply and naturally. For skin so beautiful, it really doesn’t require makeup.
Besides these two Iris Angelica Skin Perfecting Duo, there is also a few new products releases from Angelica range;
Transparent Face Soap (RM65, 80g) NEW!

An innovative green soap, perfectly transparent, that transforms into intense foam to softly cleanse and eliminate impurities and make-up plus boost skin radiance.

Limited Edition Face Mist (RM60, 50ml) NEW!

Rehydrates & revitalises skin at any moment of the day. Spray at 20cm from the face, close the eyes. Leave the mist be absorbed by the skin. It can also be used:
- As often as needed during the day to rehydrate and revitalize the skin
- As a toner at home when the spray gesture is preferred
- After the make-up/ the BB cream for a long-lasting result
Visit Mid Valley Megamall for the L’OCCITANE roadshow this week to enjoy special set, and gifts with purchase.
For more information about L’OCCITANE, like their Facebook page at


Choi Yen said...

The BB cream has quite a good coverage :)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yeah it's quite good. You can get the samples by register at Loccitane Malaysia FB page now. ;)

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