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Awhile ago Dermedex contacted me for product review. I know that Dermedex is a Singapore-based company that is a distributor of many beauty products to spas and beauty parlors; and their skin care products is marketed as providing “surgical result without surgery”.
Dermedex courier the Bio'tox Cleanser (10g X2); Soothing Emulsion (5g) and Refining Cream 2 (5g) to my house. Let's see how I feel of them.
Dermedex Bio'tox Cleanser

At first I thought, what ?  “Botox” cleanser? No, it's actually "Bio'tox" cleanser. Dermedex Biotox Cleanser is based on active natural ingredients, which deeply cleanses and unclogs pores while helping to reduce the dry, thickened, outer layer of the skin. Regular use will help reveal a fresh, clearer, brighter complexion to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing, restoring the supple, glowing effect of healthy skin.
The cleanser is milky and easy to massage to my face. It smell herb-ish and leaves minty feeling after using.

Dermedex Soothing Emulsion

The Soothing Emulsion boosts the skin's immunity, reduces visible blood veins and also improves the conditions of skin prone to allergies.
It smell herb-ish and leaves minty feeling after using, just like the cleanser.

Dermedex Refining Cream 2

Combining Chinese herbs and Western cosmetics technology, the Refining Cream 2 softens blackheads & dead skin cells, controls growth of germs, reliefs heat and rids toxins to deter excessive oil secretion, clear clogged pores, removes pimples and reliefs swelling.
Dermedex Refining Cream 2 has quite strong Chinese herbs smell and the formula is quick thick.

The samples last for 3 days usage and so far my skin hasn't develope any reaction on it. For more information about Dermedex, logon to http://www.dermedex.com/

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