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A short post today to share my little thoughts about the BE GOOD products that I got from Real Women Real Voices event few months ago.

I like that the products were packed in a nice paper box with ribbons. I felt delighted when unboxing it because there is 5 full size products in the box - lip balm, lip scrub, body scrub, body lotion and a soap.

Among all these, I like the Afternoon Tea Lip scrub the most. The scent is really refreshing and nice. It’s the only product that I’ve finished thus far.

Coffee lip balm – Too bad I don’t like the smell of it eventhough I'm a Coffee junkie, hence I’ve just tried it once before I abandoned it.

Rose garden lotion bar – Another product with very nice scent. However it’s quite creamy and I feel sticky after using it.

Lavendar dreams handmade scrubs is not bad, however some of the scrubs become harden when I didn’t used it for 2 weeks after opening it. I guess I’ve wet them in my previous use that’s why they become hardedn

Soothing Serai soap – This is Be Good’s signature soap, the serai smell refreshing but the soap melted too fast for me.

Check out other BE GOOD products at their facebook page at!/BeGoodTo

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BeGoood said...

Hi Rane

Thanks so much for your reviews and we have taken your comments like many others into consideration. Hence, we have reformulated. Hope you could drop by one day.


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