Dermalogica® Reveals 10 Bestselling ‘Naked’ Stars

If there is anything you should get ‘naked’ with, it would be Dermalogica®’s lines of skin health focused and frills free products. The No. 1 professional skincare brand unveils a list of its top 10 global bestselling products today that are much sort after by users around the world, including celebrities and makeup artists in Hollywood! Indeed, a list of star products that would motivate any Malaysian adult to join its “Get Naked with Dermalogica®” campaign, which is running in its second year due to overwhelming results last year.
During his welcome address, Roderick Chieng, Chief Executive Officer of EIG Bhd, which distributes and markets Dermalogica® products and dealership in Malaysia, South East Asia, and Hong Kong told guests and media that the list of 10 star products had been carefully chosen based on global sales volume and popularity by category. They are firm favorites among fans throughout the world and in Malaysia, including Hollywood celebrities and makeup artists; and a few are legendary – being developed early in Dermalogica®’s history and having gained a mass following over the years.
The reason behind Dermalogica®’s popularity is simple – users get great results without having to resort to harsh or irritating ingredients. All Dermalogica® products do not contain sensitizers like lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances, and are safe without formaldehyde and comedogenic ingredients. They are also prescribed to users after Face Mapping® -- a professional skin analysis that determines skin condition in 14 facial zones -- conducted by trained skin therapists.

The Top 10 Bestselling ‘Naked Stars’ are: Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant®, UltraCalming™ Cleanser, Skin Smoothing Cream, Skin Hydrating Masque, Antioxidant Hydramist, Multi-Active Toner, Skin Hydrating Booster, SkinPerfect Primer and the recently introduced MultiVitamin Power Serum.
Chieng added: “You could say it’s a tribute to what Dermalogica® has stood for all these years – that skincare should be simple, effective and straight-to-the-point. These great products are also the reasons why our Malaysian consumers are taking on the ‘Get Naked with Dermalogica®’ challenge, luring them to frills-free great skin health”.
Launched in May 2012, the first ‘Get Naked’ campaign was a success. For the first time, a skincare brand dared to ask Malaysians to strip their faces bare in order to reveal great skin health. Removing all traces of makeup and impurities is the first step towards achieving clearer, healthier skin that glows from within.

“We wanted Malaysians to feel proud of showing their most ‘naked’ side; and we challenged them to come clean with us and share their skin concerns, so that we were able to put the Dermalogica® expertise to good use and help them discover great skin health,” said Chieng about the campaign last year.
This year, ‘Get Naked’ kicked off with a friendly race led by seven beautifully bare-faced Dermalogica® celebrity friends in search of 12 of the greatest-looking and healthiest ‘Naked Faces’ in the country. Steve Yap, Joanne Yew and Thanuja Ananthan reprise their roles as ‘naked’ celebrity faces, while singer/songwriter Atilia Haron, 5th Akademi Fantasia winner Mila Jirin, TV host/radio DJ Jentzen Lim and Miss Astro International 2009 2nd runner-up Jane Tan join the ‘naked’ family this year. The 12 winners, who will be announced late this year, will each walk away with RM5,000 worth of Dermalogica® products, be featured in Dermalogica®’s 2014 calendar, and have the opportunity to appear in Malaysia’s top beauty magazines.
“As they say, ‘less is more’, especially when it comes to what you put on your face. When your skin is healthy, it glows naturally. With our celebrity friends’ influence, we hope to inspire even more Malaysians to step out and join us in making the ‘Get Naked’ pledge and achieve great skin health with Dermalogica®,” said Chieng.

“I’m a no-frills kind of guy, so my skincare routine is simple. My favorite is the Special Cleansing Gel, which leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or tight. For added protection from free radicals, I like to use Antioxidant Hydramist, a refreshing toner which helps me cover my ‘age’!” – Steve Yap
“Guys are sensitive too! My skin gets sensitized some times when I go in and out from radio studio recordings to outdoor TV shoots. So my natural choice is Ultra Calming™ Cleanser which cleanses and soothes my skin at the same time.” – Jentzen Lim
“Right now, I’m most concerned about dehydration. That’s why the Skin Smoothing Cream is my favorite. I use it after each time I cleanse and tone. I like that it doesn’t have any strong scent.” – Jane Tan
“If I’m not volunteering at animal shelters, then I’m in heavy makeup during photo shoots. Being exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the day can make my skin dehydrated, so I swear by the Skin Hydrating Masque. I just use it twice a week for ten minutes each time. Even with limited hours of sleep, my skin looks well-rested and definitely hydrated!” – Thanuja Ananthan
“I found out the wonders of Skin Hydrating Booster when I was travelling overseas last year, and my skin stayed normal and comfortable in air-conditioned cars and planes, and cold and dry environment. Now, I just use it whenever I need a hydration boost. It’s definitely my favorite” – Mila Jirin
“I just love how silky-smooth my skin feels after applying the SkinPerfect Primer! I think it’s important to prevent signs of aging before they appear, and this combines sunblock, primer and an anti-aging product into a tube. I bring it with me wherever I go.” – Atilia Haron
“I have to say I love the MultiVitamin Power Serum as much as I love my fair and youthful-looking skin – because I know it helps to brighten and firm up my skin and keep me looking this way as long as I can!” – Joanne Yew


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