K-Palette Workshop & Latest Japan Makeup Trend

Last month end I’ve attended K-Palette Workshop with the invitation from Manoah Consulting, thanks to Don and Yukiko. I again have forgotten to bring camera, and I realized that while I was on the way there, hence I was late due to turning back to home to take the camera. Really sorry to all people for the waiting.
The workshop started with welcoming note from President of K-Palette Japan – Mr. Kinoshita.
Ms. Inagaki, a Japanese Makeup Artist with 15 years experience was the makeup tutor for the workshop.
While Mr. Kenta Suzuki helped to translate Japanese into English for us.

Ms. Inagaki told us that there’s 2 types of look - Cool and Cute look. I am belong to Cool category.
First of all, we apply BB cream start from inside to outside for more 3D look, and then use sponge to blend it well. The BB cream is available in two colors, color 1 for light skin tone and 2 for natural skin tone. A little bit like 20 cents size is enough for whole face.
Then, apply Zero Kuma Concealer by squeeze a small amount and blend with fingertips using a light, patting motion. You could use a finger to apply and another clean finger to spread evenly. I like Zero Kuma Concealer because it has very good coverage yet it’s moisturize my skin.

Zero Kuma Concealer is retail at RM 44.90 and is available in 3 colors. I bought 01 Natural Beige that’s for dark circles and dryness, 02 Yellow Beige is target for uneven skin tone, whereas 03 Orange Beige is to conceal dark circles due to poor blood circulation.
Once we’ve conceal our flaws, it’s time to apply loose powder with brush. Meanwhile, use it to highlight T-zone and C-zone(eye area).

Now, It’s time for the eyebrow. K-Palette Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow is a twin-headed eyebrow applicator, the thick head to begin brow and fine head for the end brow. I drew a very define and perfect brow using this eyebrow pen. Somehow we need patient to draw the brows because it’s really fine however it’s good to prevent mistakes.
We then tried the famous K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo which is the top selling eyeliner in Japan. I like the deep, jet black color that creates powerful impressive eyes, the best part is It’s really long lasting and smudge free. Ms. Inagaki told us the current Japan trend is thick eyeliner with edge going up.
I fell in love with another famous K-Palette product, the 1Day Lash Perm LC. We don’t need to curl eyelashes because it enables eyelashes to curl instantly with a single stroke! The convex curve and its ideal length of the brush curl and weep the lashes upwards easily. The shorter side bristles of the brush makes it convenient to apply the mascara from the root of the lashes. The fine pointed tip of the brush reaches the inner corner of the eyes and lengthens short lashes smoothly.
Even though K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo and 1Day Lash Perm LC are lasting for whole day, don’t worry about the cleansing part. We could simply cleanse them with lukewarm water, how amazing is it.

Last but not least, Ms. Inagaki has shared us the latest trend in Japan, the Highlight eye bag. The Highlight eye bag comes in two colors; pink for cute look while beige for cool and gorgeous look.
We apply the beauty essence first to moisture the skin, follow by powder to high adhere the eye bag. We could also dap a bit on the eye lid above eyeball to highlight our eyes. Highlight eye bag is really interesting product however it’s not available in Malaysia yet.
The model after makeup, pretty isn't it? I esp like the eye makeup!
I like K-Palette products for the big eyes effect!

It was my first experience with K-Palette and I am amaze with their products. I’d grab them again at pharmacies when I’m running out of concealer, eyeliner, and mascara for sure.
Happy Group picture

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