The 1st skincare line which transform light energy into cellular energy – Talika Paris Photo-Beauty Therapy®

Inspired by aerospace energy, Talika Paris introduce their 1st ever skincare line which transform light energy into cellular energy.
Talika research discovered and isolated an enzyme, a genuine miracle of nature found in a blue microalgae: the Photo-Beauty Enzyme® (PBE). Like a photovoltaic cell, the Photo-Beauty Enzyme® has the incredible ability to naturally transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy and repair damaged DNA.
During the launch of Talika Paris Photo-Beauty Therapy®, media and bloggers were separated into groups to create and present what does the source of all life, ‘Light’, mean to us. The winning group has won the exclusively custom made; money can’t buy Talika cup cakes. Aren’t they cute??!! ;)
The event continued with the product introduction by Sina Deubner. Sina was excited to share us the Talika Paris Photo-Beauty Therapy® because she has tried and testified the amazing products herself.
Light has revealed a secret: light energy can be transformed into dermo-repairing energy.

The DNA in skin cells is precious; it is the genetic code that ensures skin functions correctly. However, with time and daily exposure to UV light, this DNA alters. The DNA chain breaks, creating gaps(dimers) which interfere with its code, prevent it from functioning correctly and accelerate the appearance of signs of ageing on the skin: wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.

The Photo-Beauty Therapy® has demonstrated its ability to instantly remedy these changes. It targets dimers which distort DNA over time.
Activated by light energy that it converts into dermo-repairing energy, the PBE eliminates dimers in just a few nanoseconds, allowing DNA to recover its original form and functional capacities, and skin to regain optimal performance.
The Photo-Beauty Therapy® products contain 0.2% Photo-Beauty Enzyme® whose efficacy has been tested on human skin.

Just in 48 hours after treatment, 87% of changes to DNA caused by UV are repaired*!

*Ex-vivo test – 14 days.

Photo-Beauty Therapy® has two ranges: Photo-Beauty Therapy® Anti-Ageing and Brightening.

We were given the chance to try Talika Paris Photo-Beauty Therapy® even before it’s launched to the market.

The Light Essence universal cellular activator is the highlight of the Photo-Beauty Therapy®. This essence of life is phenomenal and it acts like a correction curve. It boosts the youthfulness process in your epidermis.
RM 349 for 140 ml

Photo-Beauty Therapy® Anti-Ageing line has 2 products: Photo-Beauty Therapy® Anti-Ageing Serum and Photo-Beauty Therapy® Anti-Ageing Cream.

Photo-Beauty Therapy® Anti-Ageing Serum combines the benefits of the PBE with a recognized complex of active ingredients to treat all signs of ageing.

RM 229 for 30 ml

Photo-Beauty Therapy® Anti-Ageing Cream gives skin a new youthfulness thanks to the synergy of the PBE and anti-wrinkle, firming, energizing and repairing active ingredients with recognized efficacy.

RM 299 for 50ml

Photo-Beauty Therapy® Brightening line has 2 products as well: Photo-Beauty Therapy® Brightening serum and Photo-Beauty Therapy® Brightening cream.

Photo-Beauty Therapy® Brightening serum is rich in PBE and brightening active ingredients. It targets melanocytes specifically to reduce the intensity of dark spots and brightens the complexion within 4 weeks.
RM 229 for 30ml

Photo-Beauty Therapy® Brightening cream significantly reduces melanin levels inside skin cells.
RM279 for 50ml

Photo-Beauty Therapy® are activated by light from the sun, TV, handphone and etc hence the product works at night too when you are expose to any kind of lighting.
I love that Talika Paris Photo-Beauty Therapy® products absorbed into skin quickly without leaving any greasy feeling to the skin. And the best part is, they smell awesome! I like the scent which I found it’s similar to my mummy’s favorite Nivea blue cream. The scent is actually natural smell from the ingredient.

Note: I was invited as The Lilac Blogger, I was happy to meet many other bloggers with same interest in the event that day. ;)
For more information about Talika Paris, please visit or like their FB page at www.facebook/talika.MY


Jiawun - Beauty Nerd By Night said...

I feel really sad that I couldn't make it! Would have loved to meet all the other Lilac Bloggers!

The cupcakes are so adorable! Great post:)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi Jia Wun, don't worry we'll meet in next event ya. :)

Yeah the cupcakes are so cute, and they taste great too ^ ^

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