A Spoonful to Reclaim your Inner Calm

Happy International Women’s Day!

A hectic schedule that never seems to let up coupled with the warm weather that we have here all year long, especially in these days, the weather is up to 38 degree celsius, can leave anyone irritable and worn out.

Don’t let the stress build up! Find your centre and reclaim your inner calm with a spoonful of cool and delicious F&N MAGNOLIA SHERBET Passion Fruit. Zesty and light, this new summer flavour from F&N CREAMERIES will help you regain your composure in the midst of a busy day.
Originally from Brazil, the sweet tangy taste of Passion Fruit has been enjoyed by Brazilians for many years. Passion Fruit is known not only for its great taste but also for its wonderful fragrance. So when you feel the need to take a much needed time out, indulge in a F&N MAGNOLIA SHERBET Passion Fruit. Each delectable mouthful brings you an experience of tranquility from the rainforests of South America.
Light and refreshing, F&N MAGNOLIA SHERBET Passion Fruit is a frozen dessert specially formulated to engage your every sense. The citrusy flavour is paired with the delightful mouth feel of real fruit bits, giving you a burst of taste and sensation with each spoonful. Trust me, once you try, you will be satisfied for its smoothness and tasty.

F&N MAGNOLIA SHERBET is your key to feeling calm and composed. The best part is, it’s pretty cheap, retails at RM2.50 for a 85ml single serve and RM9.50 for a variety pack of four 85ml cups. Each cups come with a spoon which attached at the back of the lid.
F&N MAGNOLIA SHERBET is also available in three other flavours: Luscious Lychee, Marvellous Mangosteen, and Magnificent Melon. You could get F&N MAGNOLIA SHERBET at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, petrol marts and grocery outlets nearest to you.

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/MagnoliaSherbetMY

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