Bag of Love

Its’ funny what life throws at us sometimes. In the beauty world, we were left drooling at the beauty boxes our neighbouring countries have less than a year ago. And suddenly, we are spoilt for choice now with about 10 beauty boxes to choose from!

With so many similar boxes, how do you choose one that suits you? Do you choose the one that is the newest or the cheapest? Or maybe you chose the one with the nicest packaging? What if we tell you now that you can choose one that is created by a beauty addict who spent more than half a decade as a beauty writer with some of Malaysia’s top fashion and beauty magazines?

We are excited too! Her beauty box will carry a different array of brands (luxury to mass, local to international) because she believes every brand has something to offer. Oh wait, did we say box? Because guess what? Hers actually come in bags! Yes, beautiful, customised bags with different designs each month! A girl can never have too many bags (or beauty products), can she?

Do check her website out at . It has a girly, vintage feel and has a character, in illustration form, who acts as the voice of the webpage. The character is there to befriend her subscribers and her style of writing is casual and friendly with a hint of humour so people would be interested to read it.
Do like her Facebook fanpage( and follow her on Twitter(@bagoflov3) and Instagram(bagoflov3).

Also, if you subscribe, don’t forget to share your excitement (feedbacks on products, videos of your ‘unzipping’ etc) as 3 subscribers will be chosen each month to win that month’s bag, with all full-sized items in it!

PS: The first 50 annual subscribers will get an Anna Sui Ring Rouge!
P.P.S: She just launched. So give her a chance, her website and social media platforms will be complete and updated soon.

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