KATE 2013 Spring Summer – Get onto the Gold Fever

Imagine a beautiful mysterious lady wearing sexy gold makeup, fluttering in a party in her black and gold dress like a butterfly. She has captures everyone’s attention especially the gentlemen with the shimmering gorgeous eyes.
For eyes that shine and shimmer with the most luxurious gold effect, GOLDISH EYES from KATE is this season’s must have! Inspired by the latest beauty trend, eyes are washed with a high-impact and captivating gold shine.
I was fortunate to be one of the first few to KATE 2013 Spring Summer launch and witness the latest sophisticated and gorgeous eye makeup created by combining various shades with gold. The event venue was beautifully transformed to a masquerade party, where black furs and gold are seen everywhere, and the beautiful chandelier at the middle of the room. Ah, I felt in love with the romantic and glamorous settings eventually.
KATE GOLDISH EYES contains two unique gold pearl powders – Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24k REAL GOLD, and Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold. Combined in a beautiful eyeshadow palette, the two powders create a gorgeous shimmer that is glamorous and sophisticated. KATE GOLDISH EYES blends well with all skin tones to create stunning eyes.
The KATE Goldish eyes comes with a sponge-tipped applicator which made it easy and convenient to create captivating eyes, even without the guidance from professional makeup artist, one could create shiny, high-impact eyes in just a few minutes. It’s available in four beautiful goldish shades – GD-1, PK-1, BU-1 and WT-1. It is retail at RM 59.
KATE Goldish Eyes GD-1

KATE Goldish Eyes PK-1

KATE Goldish Eyes BU-1

KATE Goldish eyes WT-1

Now you have the goldish eye on, it’s time to use an eyeliner to enhance the shiny, high-impact eyes. This season, KATE will launch a slim gel eyeliner pencil for creating any type of super fine line. The deep coloration and smooth application unique to gels. This waterproof eyeliner is waterproof and fade-resistant.

However do note that the gel eyeliner is not retractable, meaning that once twisted out, it will not be able to twisted down again. But don’t worry, it can be twisted in increments of 0.07mm for fine pencil adjustment to prevent too much of the pencil from being let out of the holder.
KATE Slim Gel Pencil comes in 2 colors – BK-1 Deep Black and BR-1 Natural Brown that is retail at RM 44 each.

Another highlight of this season is the KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner. This is a gel eyeliner to make the lower eyelids look full and plump in a single stroke. KATE has not compromising endeavor to create an eyeliner that makes use of psychology. How? Hmm, let me try to explain a little here.
1) Illusion of brightness and colors. Look into the figure 1, which do you think is larger? White, right? When objects are placed the same distance from the viewer, the expansive color(white) object appear close than the contracting(gray) color object.
2) The laws of grouping. Examining figure 3 above, what do you see? Gray circles, white circles, or white squares? I’m pretty sure your answer is none of these three, but you are indeed seeing a ‘key’, right? This is because colors are perceived as groups faster than shapes.
KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner makes use of the illusion and laws of grouping to make the eyes look larger, full and plump.

PK-1 for strongly contoured lower eyelids and BE-1 for naturally full lower eyelids. KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner is retails at RM 44.

KATE will also launched it’s new Shiny eyes new color in ‘GN-2’ which is retail at RM 52.
During the launch event, KATE has invited professional makeup artist, Miss Amy, to demo on Josheen Ma. Josheen’s eyes has transformed to shiny, and high-impact.
To get the look, take A on the larger tip of the applicator and spread it over the whole eyelid to make the eye look radiant. Then, use the finer tip of the applicator to blend B as if drawing a line along the edge of the upper eyelid, in order to highlight the contour of the eye.

Step 3, take C on a fingertip and, while blending it with shade B, apply it into the eyelid crease under the eyebrow. Lastly, take D on a fingertip and adjust the intensity on the back of the hand, then apply it over shade C.

Noted that a sophisticated gold shimmer can also be produced if D is applied to parts of the eyelid, such as the area near the inner corner of the eye and the center of the eyelid. Apply Shiny eyelid liner to the lower eyelid, and apply Slim gel pencil above the dark iris.

* Refer to picture no. 8 in this post to know which part is A, B, C and D.

I’ve created my FOTD using the method that Ms. Amy has thought with goldish eyes PK-1. It’s really easy and fast for to create this makeup, I’m satisfied with it. KATE is affordable yet good in quality, no wonder it’s so popular amongst the teens and ladies.
Kate previous products at a glance

KATE 2013 Spring Summer will be launched at the beginning of May 2013.
Do like KATE Malaysia Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/katemalaysia for more information.


Johnsonong Photography said...

The eye palettes are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Is this shimmer eyeshadow suitable for single eyelid?

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yeah the eye palette is suitable for both double or single eyelid ppl. Trust me, It's so easy to use and the result is pretty ^ ^

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