When Popular SKIP-BO™ Card Game Meets Speed, a Dice Game is Born

Sitting around in front of the television is a Malaysian pastime, but it is not the best vehicle for connecting with your kids. Family events and activities are where the real memories are made and you do not need much more than an entertaining game to bring everyone together!

If you are looking to have some fun with the people you love, you can always rely on Mattel. People continue to come to Mattel for a great game – and the folks at Mattel have made it their mission to deliver the best in games every single time. If a little friendly competition is what you have got on your agenda to top off that family dinner or barbeque with friends, then look no further.

Mattel’s latest family games include variations of three popular card predecessors – Apples to Apples™, Skip-Bo™ and UNO™.
First released in 1995 by entertainment and toy giant, Mattel, the Skip-Bo™ dice game is a game of luck,
probability and self-control. Coming in a blue tin can, the Skip-Bo™ dice game is so easy to play, you’ll be able to learn the rules within the first turn.

The Skip-Bo™ Dice Game is based on the original Skip-Bo™ card game. Similar to its card game predecessor, the main objective of the game is to get the numbers in sequence. The goal and play pattern of the Skip-Bo™ Dice Game is different however, making the Skip-Bo™ Dice Game a separate game and a whole new exciting way for fans of the original card game to play.

As in the card game, you're trying to get numbers in sequence, but the goal and gameplay of the Skip-Bo™ Dice Game is different, which really makes the Skip-Bo™ Dice Game a separate game and a whole new way for fans of the original card game to play.


• Inside the Skip-Bo™ Dice can, you will be able to find four sets of colored die – blue, green red and orange – as well as a deck of cards with a sequence of numbers printed on them.

• To start, shuffle the Skip-Bo™ cards and place them face down in the middle of the playing area. Each player takes three dice of the same color.

• Once the card has been turned over, all of the players will need to roll their die at the same time, to try to get that exact sequence of numbers. Everyone rolling their dice at the same time makes the easy-to-learn Skip-Bo™ Dice Game fast-paced and exciting, as players try to be the first person to match the Skip-Bo™ card.

• For example, if a card says "3, 4, 5", then players must match that sequence by rolling one 3, one 4, and one 5. If a die lands on SB, that may be used to count as any number needed to complete the sequence.

• If a die reflect one of the numbers in the sequence, you put that dice aside and roll the other two until you get the other two numbers shown in the sequence.

• All players continue to roll and re-roll their dice until a player has matched the sequence shown on the card. You need to keep rolling as fast as you can in order to try to beat the other players in getting the complete sequence.

• When you match a sequence shown, yell "Skip-Bo!" and grab the card. If two players match the sequence at the same time, the first to yell "Skip-Bo!" and grab the card gets to keep the card.

• Turn over the next card on the pile and start rolling again.

• The objective is to be the first one to collect 5 mission cards as fast as possible so control over your dice is critical.


Skip-Bo™ meets speed in this fast, exciting, different way to play and it is a game that both kids and adults can play together. The portable can format allow players to share, play and enjoy the game wherever and whenever they want to play– in the living room, at a friend’s house or even in the car while travelling!

“Imagine having to finish off family night with a fast-paced game where everyone, from the young to the old, will be able to participate. We are delighted to be introducing the Skip-Bo™ Dice Game to the dice game category here in Malaysia. It is perfect for on-the-go as well,” shared Ms Ivy Yeoh, Senior Brand Manager of Games, Mattel Malaysia.
Skip-Bo™ Dice Game comes with 12 dice in four colors, 17 Skip-Bo™ Mission cards, and a soda can-shaped storage container. It is for two to four players.
My Review:

I brought the Skip-Bo™ Dice Game to play with my nieces during the Mid-Autumn festival party last week end. The kids found this game is exciting and screams all the way while they were playing. The night was filled with interactive activities and happiness.

Product information

• Components – Skip-Bo™ Dice Game comes in a can – complete with a 12 dice, 17 Skip-Bo cards, and instructions.

• Rules - Extremely precise and easy to learn. Rules can be taught and learnt within one single turn.

• Players and Suitability – Can be played by up to four players and is recommended for players aged 7 and above.

• Retail Price – RM 29.90

• Availability – Can be found in major department and toy stores nationwide.

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