L'occitane Precious Immortelle - 1001 flowers to reveal your skin's youthful beauty

Recently a lot of people has been asking me am I slim down? How come my face is slimmer? Did I put on shading on my makeup?

Indeed, my face is tighter and firmer that’s why I look slimmer. Want to know the secret? All thanks to the L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream!
I’ve been using L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream day and night for the past one month. I’m loving the result as it’s so obvious that everyone noticing the improvements on my skin and I received compliments every now and then ever since I used them.
L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum’s is made from concentration of anti-ageing active ingredients that carries a legendary number: 1,001. 1,001 flowers for optimum – proven and effectiveness. 1,001 flowers to reveal our skin’s youthful beauty.
Beautiful Immortelle Flower at the heart of Corsican Maquis(the island's fragrant shrubland)
Immortelle Flowers is a bright, yellow flower that never fades.
Like the serum that comes with a pump, very easy to get the amount that I needed each and every time
It’s infinitely light gel texture optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients and gives an incredibly velvety finish on first application. 
Immortelle Precious Serum Ingredients

I use 2 drops of Precious Serum and apply it on my face and neck. It absorb almost instantly and non-greasy at all!

Immortelle Precious Cream is sealed to maintain it's quality before open
When the Precious Serum is used in conjunction with the Precious Cream, the resulting effect on skin youthfulness is doubled. 
Unlike Previous Serum, Precious cream is quite creamy and hence I just need a small amount for my oily-combination skin. I massage Precious cream to my face and neck, after a while they are fully absorb into my skin.
Immortelle Precious Cream Ingredients
L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream scent are very special with its active ingredients of 1,001 immortelle flowers, the flowers of youth. At first I was thinking it’s concentrated formula might not be suitable for us who live in Malaysia where it’s warm every day. But, it’s proved that my pre-assumption was so wrong! L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream are 100% suitable for us who lives in this climate and suitable for all skin type, even for me who is having oily combination skin.

It’s intense formula has made it a save instead of splurge because all we need is just a small amount every time. After 1 month of day and night usage, I found that I have not even finish 1/3 of the L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream and yet the result is so promising!
Before: visible forehead and laugh lines, sagging chins, and a lot of acne
After: Smoother and fine skin, forehead and laugh lines lightened, firm cheeks and chins, no more pimples!
After L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream for a week, the visible fine lines on my face has gone, I feel that my skin is smoother and more beautiful. By boosting collagen production and helping restore the integrity of collagen fibres, damage caused by time is gradually repaired in longer term! And now, my forehead and laugh lines have lightened, my face is firmer and looks smaller in that matter, bye bye to my sagging cheeks. I don’t even need to put on extra shading for my makeup now because I have naturally younger skin that makes me look so much younger than my peers hehehe…
I’d strongly encourage those who has skin aging concerns to try out the L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream. Trust me, you’d love the result just like I do.

For more information about L'occitane immortelle New Precious Serum and Precious Cream, do check out L'occitane website at www.loccitane.com.my and their Facebook at www.facebook.com/loccitane.my

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