UNO Attack!® – A Fun Game for the Whole Family!

Playing games with your family is a great way to create lasting bonds! It can also be a fun way to practice reading or math skills and help the young ones learn the skills of strategy. Put down that electronic tablet and ward off the boredom blues and quiet nights with fresh versions of classic games and revolutionary ways of play that are not only educational, inventive but exciting for the entire family.
With the classic family unit in mind, the teams at Mattel Games™ have refreshed and reinvented their tried-and-true classic games, in some cases adding a technological component, making them just as popular with kids as they are with adults.

One of the top twelve games to play with the family is the UNO Attack!®. The UNO Attack!® is an updated version of the classic game that everyone has learnt to know and love, the world’s number one classic card game, UNO®.

The random card shooter in the UNO Attack!® offers an exciting, frenzied and unpredictable way to play UNO® that’s Fast FUN for everyone! UNO Attack!® comes with a special battery-operated electronic card shooter and an exclusive Attack! Attack! Command card; for fast-card flying action, adding speed and surprise to the classic UNO® card game.

Command cards, such as the ‘Draw 2’ or ‘Draw 4’ cards direct you and other players to push the UNO Attack!® button on the Card Launcher. If you are lucky, no cards will come flying out at you. If you are not, you will have a whole pile to get rid of during game play! The shooter has sounds that add to the fun and keep everyone entertained while playing.

Weighing just under 2 lbs and measuring just under 12 inches in length and width, the UNO Attack!® is so portable that you can bring it with you everywhere you go – whether you are going on a family trip, to grandma’s or even to the doctor’s to play while you wait! To ensure that the cards do not get lost along the way, you can even keep the cards stored safely in the shooter to make travelling easy.
UNO Attack!® is a lot of fun too! This fun twist on the classic game of UNO® will give your family hours of enjoyable entertainment.
The UNO Attack!® can be played by two to ten players, ages 7 and up.
• Shooter- you have got to watch out for the shooter. Once the Card Launcher button is pressed, the shooter might fling cards at you! If it does shoot cards at you, you’ll have a whole new pile to get rid of during game play. The shooter offers a fun and exciting way to play this classic game.

• Shooter Sounds – the shooter feature sounds that will add to the already exhilarating game. Once the shooter launches cards, sounds will be triggered that adds to the excitement.

• Shooter stores cards – conveniently take this card game anywhere. This storable unit makes it easy to take the game on the go.

• 112 cards – The game features 112 cards to play with. Each card is vibrantly decorated to add to the excitement and enjoyment of the game.

Product information

• Components – UNO Attack!® Game comes with a battery-operated Card Launcher and 112 colored cards.

• Rules - Extremely precise and easy to learn. Rules can be taught and learnt within one single turn

• Players and Suitability – Can be played by two players, up to ten players and is recommended for players aged 7 and above.

• Retail Price – RM 109.90

• Availability – Can be found in major department and toy stores nationwide.

My Review:   Sometimes playing digital games can be so bored. Luckily I found out UNO Attack!® Game and gave it a try. UNO Attack!® Game is a game my whole family enjoy. When the cards shoot out everyone laughs and it's just so much fun. My nieces love this game and played many times since our family weekend gatherings. We enjoy Uno Attack better than the regular Uno. The shooter is portable, I could bring it to anywhere I want. The only cons of UNO Attack!® Game I can say is the shooter needs 3 C Batteries to operate. So, when you buy a UNO Attack!® Game, do remember to buy C batteries as well ya.

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