Take a Journey with Crocs and Find Your Fashion Identity

As the warm weather months of summer slowly transition into the cool crisp air of autumn, you can rest assured that Crocs will be right there with you helping you with your season-changing wardrobe. Walk in comfort and wear in style as Crocs takes you on a journey this fall to mix and match your style with Crocs shoes, as well as allow you to reveal your own fashion identity.
Through the New Crocs New You website (www.newcrocsnewyou.com ), you can receive fashion advice from well-known fashion icon, Xandria Ooi. New Crocs New You wouldn’t be the same without prizes! You will be automatically entered in a lucky draw to win 3-day 2-night luxury accommodation at The Datai Langkawi hotel, Pulau Langkawi!

Your Path, Your Style

Who doesn’t love an interactive video? Better question, who doesn’t love an interactive video where you can be awarded awesome prizes? Take a journey with Crocs and match your own personal style with Crocs shoes. Feel like going to the park? Maybe grabbing some coffee at a local café? Whatever you choose to do, Crocs will be right there with you on your journey. After you share your journey with friends and family on your favorite social website, you will then be automatically entered into a lucky draw to win great prizes. When you’re all finished, treat your feet with some Crocs shoes. You will be given a coupon that you can use at the retail store or web store. Walk with Crocs, and let Crocs reward you!
Reveal Your Fashion ID

What you wear says a lot about who you are. You can now reveal your own personal style with fashion icon Xandria Ooi. Simply answer a series of questions, and you will be shown your fashion identity. Share your results with your friends and family on your favorite networking site and encourage them to find their fashion identity as well!
The New Crocs New You interactive video and fashion identity quiz will be available on 17th September, 2012. Go to www.newcrocsnewyou.com to take part in this journey, and win some fantastic prizes while you’re at it! 
Visit www.crocs.com.my for additional information.

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