A way to turn back time - Maybelline Baby Lips

Everyone loves baby lips, isn't it? Imagine the baby lips which is smooth and moisturize all the time. A lips that look so kissable all the time.
Well, it's sorry to know that I have dry and easily chapped lips. I always need a good lip balm to moisture my lips to prevent them from chapped till bleeding, ouch! Recently I gave Maybelline Baby Lips a try, and I found out that this lip balm is doing it's job well.
I bought my Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm Energizing Orange at RM 10.90 from a pharmacy in town. I was not paying high expectation as I paid little for it. But, I am happy with it's result. The lip balm is velvetly smooth and very easy to apply to my dry lips. It is not sticky even after a few layers application. I love the Orange smell which make me refresh and happy.
It comes with SPF 20 protection which is good for us who living in warm country. It contains Shea Butter, the natural wonder to nourish our lips.
This is one of the lip balm that I'd repurchase because it's affordable yet functioning well to protect my lips.

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